2015 Lucifer  * Lucifer I

2014  Nervosa * Victim of Yourself

2013 Latern * Below

2012 Abnormality * Contaminating the Mind Hive

2011 The Konsortium * The Konsortium

2010 Triypkon * Eparistera Daimones

2009 FEN* The Malediction Fields

2008 Hail of Bullets…of Frost and Blood

2007 Slavia * Strength and Vision

2006 Iperyt * Totalitarian Love Pulse

2005 Crucified Barbara * In Distortion we trust

2004 The Amenta * Occasus

2003 Disiplin (NORWAY) * Disiplin

2002 Bloodbath * Resurrection Through Carnage

2001 Dragonlord * Rapture

2000 Hypnosia * Extreme Hatred

1999 The Kovenant * Animatronic

1998 Ritual Carnage * The Highest Law

1997 Nocturnal Breed * Agressor

1996 Impiety * Asateerul Awaleen

1995 Usurper * Diabolosis

1994 Cradle of Filth * The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

1993 Necrophobic * The Nocturnal Silence

1992 Incantation * Onward to Gologatha

1991 Dismember * Like A Ever Flowing Stream

1990 Deicide * Deicide

1989 Morbid Angel* Altars of Madness

1988 Sabbat * History of A Time To Come

1987 Death * Scream Bloody Gore

1986 Exumer * Possessed By Fire

1985 Exodus * Bonded By Blood

1984 Bathory * Bathory

1983 Slayer * Show No Mercy

1982 Tank * Filth Hounds of Hades

1981 Venom * Welcome To Hell

1980 Tygers of Pan Tang * Wildcat




I wanted to say out right. Ever Since I got the Lucifer “Lucifer I” in @ The KICK*ASS*METAL offices. It has been in my CD player, non-stop, on average a DOZEN Spins every day..!!

The repeat all button, is the best invention of all-time for this TIMELESS MASTERPIECE.

I really prayed this earned DEBUT ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2015 & ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2015 – Heavy Metal, achievement. But Since I rated / ranked this the top 5 album of all-time, I hope the band appreciates the fact. I really thought it would be unfair for it to win and earn the achievement, of debut album of the year, album of the year, and the # 5 most important KICK*ASS*METAL album of all-time. If this album had a harder edge with a more savage factor, like what THE OATH featuring World-Class Vocalist Johanna Sadonis had, this would of  been a DEBUT album of the year Winner as well as the album of the year Winner.

There are various top 100 albums of all-time list all over KICK*ASS*METAL webzine. But in Chronological order THE TOP 5 KICK*ASS*METAL albums of all-time are

Coven * Witchcraft Reaps Souls and Destroys Minds

Mercyful Fate * Melissa

Crest of Darkness * The Ogress

RitiOcculti * RitiOcculti

Lucifer * Lucifer I


I have these albums in various different record collections all over the country @ different KICK*ASS*METAL offices, and back-up collections.

Our favorite top 5 albums are always near me in the event of a “Act of God” which is a insurance term. In order to re-build, in the event all is lost or build a record collection from scratch, your new to World-Class Heavy Metal which features World-Class Vocalist. These are the 5 I recommend to my staunches fans to obtain first and for most and at least have a half a dozen or a dozen of these CD’s in every serious record collection.


ALL YOU NEED IS LUCIFER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!