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(Stockholm, Sweden)

“The Girl With The Raven Mask”


KICK*ASS*METAL Heavy Metal Hall of Fame Album

Unleashed on Planet Metal

October 23rd, 2015

Nuclear Blast 35512



Jenni-Ann Smith * World-Class Vocalist

Carl Westholm * Keyboards, Theremin, Grand Piano, Rhodes Piano, Mellotron, Barrel Organ, Moog

Marcus Jidell * Guitars

Leif Edling * Bass

Lars Sköld * Drums

Avatarium’s “The Girl With The Raven Mask” is a TIMELESS MASTERPIECE. I did not get the album on the day it was released, there was a wild mistake with the record shoppe, I visit 123 times a year, I make it to the Record store in this pattern. Monday, Friday, Saturday, then the Next Week, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday. And if paychecks come a day early, I will do a Sunday Stop from time to time.

As a Heavy Metal Fan Since 1978, and a HEAVIER HEAVY METAL fan since the Summer of 1980. The Avatarium is more than essential to every serious metaller and everyone who tries to have a serious heavy metal record collection. While this publication does have a huge  GOTHIC/AVANT-GARDE/ DEATH/BLACK metal slant to the news coverage, we have always looked for the best metal artist with the best World-Class Vocalist, and Avatarium has Jenni-Ann Smith, who has a one-of-a-kind, unique timbre’.

It was decision between Avatarium “The Girl With The Raven Mask” and Lucifer “Lucifer I, for the HEAVY METAL album of the year “. Lucifer featuring World-Class Vocalist Johanna Sadonis Won the Debut ALBUM OF THE YEAR. I classified the Avatarium “Avatarium” November 1st Self Titled ALBUM as Debut album. Avatarium “The Girl With The Raven Mask” was heavier, with better virtuosity, and highly original, in the song-writing department. “The Girl With The Raven Mask” just sends chills up and down my spine, and I am totally floored by how KICK*ASS and how BAD*ASS this album is.

2015 was a stellar year for World-Class Heavy Metal from all-over Planet Metal. And I recommend every reader of KICK*ASS*METAL, to purchase at least a half a dozen of the pressing of the album, a few copies of the version with the DVD/CD.



The List below is KICK*ASS*METAL’s  HEAVY METAL album of the year winners


2015 Avatarium * The Girl With The Raven Mask

2014 Nervosa * Victim of Yourself

2013 Crest of Darkness * In the Presence of Death

2012 Ram-Zet * Freaks In Wonderland

2011 Virgin Black * Requiem – Mezzo Forte

2010 The Vision Bleak * Set Sail To Mystery

2009  Solstfair * Köld

2008 Septic Flesh * Communion

2007 DHG * Supervillian Outcast

2006 Stolen Babies * There Be Squabbles Ahead

2005 Crucified Barbara * In Distortion We Trust

2004 The Amenta *  Occasus

2003 Dimmu Borgir * Death Cult Armageddon

2002 Red Harvest * Sick Transit Gloria Mundi

2001 Dismal Euphony * Python Zero

2000 Crest of Darkness * Project Regeneration

1999  Crest of Darkness * The Ogress

1998 Theatre of Tragedy * Aegis

1997 * The Gathering * Nighttime Birds

1996 Cradle of Filth * Vempire….

1995 The Gathering * Mandylion

1994 Cradle of Filth * The Principle of Evil Made Flesh

1993 Necrophobic * The Nocturnal Silence

1992 Deicide * Legion

1991 Massacre * From Beyond

1990 Nocturnus * The Key

1989 Annihilator * Alice In Hell

1988 Blind Illusion * The Sane Asylum

1987 Celtic Frost * Into The Pandemonium

1986 Onslaught * The Force

1985 Possessed * Seven Churches

1984 Mercyful Fate * Don’t Break The Oath

1983 Mercyful Fate * Melissa

1982 Motorhead * No Sleep Til Hammersmith

1981 Holocaust * The Nightcomers

1980 Tygers Of Pan Tang * Wildcat


avatariumkickassmetal2015albums of the year987948653422532478569