I have not seen to many articles of the Greatest Melodic Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal Vocalist of all-time. So it was time to write a article about the Greatest Melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Vocalist for the 20th Century and the Greatest Melodic Hard Rock Vocalist of the 21st Century


The 20th Century WINNER is

Jinx Dawson * Coven FAME



The 21st Century WINNER is

Johanna Sadonis * The Oath & Lucifer *  FAME














Everyone who knows me personally KNOWS that my favorite top 5 albums of all-time. And from the top 700 albums of all-time, these 5 albums are the fundamental / essential albums for a serious World-Class Heavy Metal Record Collection. These five albums along with 5 others are the most played albums in my play list since I have been a true metal fan since 1978 with the Commercial Major Label Stuff, and I got involved in the Independent Metal Movement and the Metal Underground, in the Summer of 1980

Are in Chronological Order

Coven * Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls * Mercury Records * January 1st, 1969

Mercyful Fate * Melissa — Megaforce / Important Records * October 31st, 1983

Crest of Darkness * The Ogress

Riti Occulti * Riti Occulti

Lucifer * Lucifer I


I though in my life-time I would never find a album to fit in perfectly in between spins of the ALL-TIME CLASSICS Coven “Witchcraft Reaps Souls and Destroys Minds”and the ALL-TIME CLASSIC Riti Occulti “Riti Occulti”. But Johanna Sadonis achieved this impossiable task last year and I have ranked / rated Lucifer as the 5TH GREATEST KICK*ASS*METAL BAND OF ALL-TIME, Coven and Lucifer claim a affinity for melodic hard rock, and since these bands are MASTERS of the key concepts of HEAVY METAL, World-Class Melodic Vocals, and Top-Notch Stellar Guitar Work, every Serious Heavy Metal fan, has to ignore the hard rock / heavy metal genre classification line. And just Worship TRUE METAL at the altars of Coven and Lucifer.







It is around 47 years apart between the Coven and Lucifer debut albums….and this was a once in a life-time event in World-Class Music and World-Class Heavy Metal.

The album Lucifer “Lucifer I” gets 12 spins in my CD player every day, since it was unleashed on Planet Metal.