Snakepit Heavy Metal Magazine is UNLEASHED UPON PLANET METAL, and is available from NUCLEAR WAR NOW PRODUCTIONS.


As a fan of Heavy Metal since 1978, first with the Major Label artist 0f that day, then I moved on to Heavier Heavy Metal (Power / Speed/ Thrash), for the early part of the NWOBHM movement. In the Summer of 1980, with Tygers of Pan Tang “Wild Cat”.

Snakepit Heavy Metal Magazine, is a essential read for those of us Heavy Metal fans who still understand the importance of the printed word. I forgot what year it was but on my part of PLANET METAL, we had a blackout (no electricity) for around a week, and no internet. So those trusty Sounds of Death and Snakepit Magazines, got me through that DARK AGE,

I do miss the era of heavy metal, where there was no internet, and KICK*ASS Monthly, (August 1981- October 1986)  and Metal Forces (which came wayyyyy later after KICK*ASS Monthly), Ruled the Metal World.

I just ask everyone on PLANET METAL to leave me on copy, please…!!!!!!! Ha ha !!! My next payday is on Wednesday – Januray-27th,2016, so kind of scared out of my mind that it will be Out of Stock / OOP by then….!!!!!

But if so, my bad, and wild fuck up…!!! I do have a habit of holding back news, secure a copy of something for myself first, then report on it. But this news is to important for that kind of selfishness.

Those who are in the know of this publication, know who this is and is a instant purchase.


Snakepit Heavy Metal Magazine –  If you live Stateside Can Be Found @



Snakepit Heavy Metal Magazine – If you live in Europe Can Be Found @

Ben Farrar – Head Of Distribution
Plastic Head Music Distribution Ltd. (U.K.)



The blurb below is courtesy of Snakepit Fanatics Face Book official

Snakepit mag # 22 is FINALLY OUT! You can get copies here:……/14193-snakepit-fra-issue-22-m…

That’s all I know for now as far as distro goes…. I guess Rainer Krukenberg, Under Siege and others will have it as well… and as far as I know the 7″ is not limited -which is cool!

U.S. readers will have to wait a bit until the packages will get to NWN -the mag was printed in Europe this time.

SPREAD THE FUCKIN’ WORD on your own pages if you want the mag to continue. It’s now or never at this point.

For those who are new with this magazine (No webzine here) and liked this page BECAUSE they want to read it NOT because it’s cool to like a fuckin’ page like it’s too often the case nowadays, you can still get copies of issue 20 & 21 here (and elsewhere if you google it):…





Snakepit Heavy Metal Magazine gets is Moniker from the Whiplash all-time classic “Ticket To Mayhem” Track # 7