(Ypsilanti, Michigan)
CD Review
Self Released / Independant
100 out of 100 Burning Flying V’s
Perfect – FULL SCORE
Recorded September / October 2014Line-Up
Lisa Stephens • Vocals
Billy Gray • Guitars
Jeff Sneary • Bass
Joe Spaly • Drums

Lisa Stephens  — Vocals
Billy Gray — Guitars
Jeff Sneary — Bass
Joe Spaly — DRUMS


Track Listing
Shadow Man
Drama – Explict Bonus
Baked – Bonus

Every Song on this Extended Play has classic traditional elements of what I look for in top 100 albums of any given year. Like With Edge of Paradise California featuring World-Class Vocalist Margarita Monet. Reisistance features 4 of Michigan’s best hard rockers / heavy metal musicians in the same band. Similar to Bloodline Riot from Detroit, Michigan. This album has so many melodies, that just live with you forever. Like with the best of the best World-Class Vocalist, Guitar Hero Guitar solos, top-notch song-writing, perfect Thundering Rhythm section courtesy of Bassist Jeff Sneary and Drummer Joe Spaly. Resistance is excellent song writers, and musicians. Similar to publications such as Metal Maidens and Sonic Cathedral webZines KICK•ASS•METAL a specialized metallic press heavily on the World-Class Vocalist / World-Class Guitarist, Perfect Rhythm section side of things. As an extreme metal fan, i still have a love, affinity, and respect for classic hard rock and traditional metal side of things. Music like this will live forever, after a few hundred listens, you will always want to return to this CD. In a live setting Resistance is a favorite. Vocalist Lisa Stephens has tons of charisma and stage presence, along with Billy Gray • Guitarist, Jeff Sneary • Bassist, and Drumner Joe Spaly. Resistance are one of the greatest concerts you can attend. So if you believe in Rocking Heavy Metal Rhythms, Melodic Vocals, and Thundering Bass and Drums. Then this album is MORE THAN ESSENTIAL, a top 100 album of 2014.