This list is just a snap shot in heavy metal history from July 1983 and Todays Date is March 11th, 2016.


Since I have started as a HEAVY METAL fan in 1978, there has never been bad year in heavy metal of the beloved 1980’s METAL STYLE, I started out with NWOBHM day 1 and Power Metal day 1 and Thrash Metal day 1 and Death metal day 1 and Black Metal day 1. So since being there from the start, every year there is top 10 thrash metal albums with 1983-1991 being the Golden Age of THE THRASH MEAL Age. With The True Metal the 1980’s Metal being in its 36th year, a TOP 10 list is not that hard to do, I just look on my desk and altar of metal, aka my stereo and the which CD’s and Vinyl albums are on the table, these albums are always being played loud und proud, and I OWN 30 thirty copies of most of these albums since they are the most timeless, and easily surviving the test of time during heavy metal’s death metal age, from 1990- infinity, death metal will never go out of style, because the top 100 artist never have been tempted to sellout, death metal gets better year in and year out, since I started with the Genre in 1983.

We selected our top 700 true metal albums of all-time, and just looked at the THRASH METAL GENRE, and realized as always our favorites are also the GREASTEST OF ALL-TIME. 700 albums — 700 voters, one KICK*ASS*METAL article, just in time for 2 of the greatest releases of 2016 Sindrome “Resurrections The Complete Collection” and Nervosa “Agony”.

This list is the Greatest thrash metal albums of all-time, and do not confuse that with  a the “first 10” Thrash Metal Releases, there was a lot of growth in the thrash metal field, year after year….!!!!





# 1 Ranking for GREATEST 20TH Century Thrash Metal Exodus (San Francisco, California)

#1 Ranking for GREATEST 21ST Century Thrash Metal Nervosa (


Annhilator “Alice In Hell”





Exodus “Bonded By Blood”


Forbidden “Forbidden Evil”


Onslaught “The Force”


Metallica “Kill “Em All” * Megaforce/Important Records





Nervosa “Vicitm of Yourself”





*****the photo above is the press photo today 3/11/2016 for the upcoming TIMELESS MASTERPIECE Nerovsa “Agony” when I do this list again I have to make the hard choice between “Victim of Yourself” and “Agony”. It will come down to which album has the more crunching and effective RAZOR sharp RIFFS, with METALLIC EVOCATION stamped all-over the material******

Make NO Mistake Nervosa is THE REAL DEAL, Retro-METAL nothing, just forward metal thinking, with sharp effective RIFFS all the way !!!!!!!!!



Sabbat “History of A Time To Come”


Slayer “Hell Awaits”


Seputlura “Beneath The Remains”




Sindrome “Resurrection”