As of todays Writing * May 12th, 2016

KICK*ASS*METAL is celebrating the 17 year Anniversary




Crest of Darkness “The Ogress”


The Top 5 Heavy Metal ALBUMS OF ALL-TIME ARE

In Chronological order

Coven “Witchcraft Reaps Souls and Destroys Minds”

Mercyful Fate “Melissa”

Crest of Darkness “The Ogress”

Riti Occulti “Riti Occulti”

Lucifer “Lucifer I”



Back When this album was first unleashed on Planet Metal on

May 12, 1999


The albums Riti Occulti “Riti Occulti” and Lucifer “Lucifer I” did not exist until 2010 and 2014….!!! So I have been waiting for a heavy metal album to top Crest of Darkness “The Ogress”, but The Keyboard Playing is the Greatest of all-time. Kristin Fjellseth SET THIS A PERFECT ALBUM ON FIRE, and gives it a extra HEAVINESS like no other before Crest of Darkness or Since this MOLTEN METAL MASTERPIECE was UNLEASHED ON PLANET METAL Back in May 12th, 1999






Right now at 6,205 days as the WORLDS GREATEST HEAVY METAL ALBULM OF ALL-TIME since May 12, 1999.

I have expected a couple of albums to top this album, every three months and every season, a new top 100 album in heavy metal album is unleashed on Planet Metal, it is just natural genre evolution. But what will always keep this in THE KICK*ASS*METAL AND THE KICK*ASS*METAL HEAVY METAL HALL OF FAME as the greatest album of all-time.

Crest of Darkness understands the essence of metal like no other. And I really doubt any female backing Vocalist will ever top what Kristin Fjellseth did on this album, as a WORLD-CLASS HEAVY METAL VOCALIST. And the Keyboard playing is top-notch second-to-none.


This is not my first time saying this that

Crest of Darkness “The Ogress” is the Greatest HEAVY METAL ALBUM OF ALL-TIME.


I have been saying it since this album was unleashed on Planet Metal on May 12, 1999.


So 17 year in a row, I have given praise to this MOLTEN METAL MASTERPIECE.


This has been the HEAVY METAL GOLD STANDARD FOR SO LONG, others who try for top 100 albums a year/decade/century, fall short, because they never have there pulse on all things AUTHENTIC and all things KICK*ASS.


I have my top 100 list compiled by 700 of the greatest minds in heavy metal. But at the end of the day, I have the final vote on this, and I wanted to thank everyone who gave me great top 100 Heavy Metal list of all-time, starting in 1986, and during the GOLDEN AGE OF HEAVY METAL 1993-2003….For this, I can not express in words my gratitude.