Being a HEAVY METAL fan since 1978 with the Major Label Releases, then moving onto The Metal Underground in the Summer of 1980.


I was lucky enough to witness TRUE METAL first hand day 1 since UNDERGROUND YEAR ZERO day 1.


I have been a CLASSICAL MUSIC FAN SINCE BIRTH, in 1967, and got into the Band COVEN with “Jinx Dawson” in the FALL of 1971, later Zepplin and Black Sabbath.

But it was in October 1981 where I went from a NWOBHM fan to a POWER METAL fan, since the term Thrash  was only used in ROCK ‘N ROLL.


October 1981 is when the METAL UNDERGROUND got it act together, and heavy metal had its very first HEAVY METAL publication and at the same time. American Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal Hybrid artist had a new medium called MTV, Music Television for short.


I have always collected top 100 albums of all-time list from my favorite journalist from all over the globe, since 1983, when a few were put together for me by EPIC METAL fans, back in Junior High School. I have ask the smartest top 700 journalist, musicians, label bosses, distributors, and power sellers on eBay.

So why this Cradle of Filth Write-Up when everyone know that they have been Heavy Metal’s Best Band – International Since February 24, 1994, and Crest of Darkness has been our # 1 Ranked Heavy Metal Band since May 12th, 1999.


The reason we have an INTERNATIONAL and NORWAY category, it was observed in the mid 1990’s that Norway was 4 percent of the population but 50% of the METAL CLASSICS were coming from that Country. So as a specialized Pressed for TRUE NORWEGIAN GOTHIC METAL, TRUE NORWEGIAN AVANT GARDE METAL, TRUE NORWEGIAN DARK METAL, I will cover any band from any part of PLANET METAL, no matter the Genre or Sub-GENRE as long as they KICK*ASS !!!!



Mercyful Fate being the GREATEST HEAVY METAL BAND in the 1980’s beating out Metallica for the simple fact. Mercyful Fate had MELISSA, and DON’T BREAK THE OATH, as TRUE TIMELESS MASTERPIECES. Metallica is a favorite band of ours, but EXODUS just understood the essence of metal better than Metallica, as well as Slayer.

Mercyful Fate disbanded in 1985 and Metallica and KING DIAMOND band were on the same footing upper 99.0% versus the upper 99.9 were Mercyful Fate was.

So when Mercyful Fate had 3 TOP 10 albums in the TOP 10 albums of all-time tier, with the 1993 Comback ALBUM FOR TRADITIONAL METAL Mercyful Fate Ranked/ Rated Higher than Everyone.

Mercyful Fate RECORDED “MELISSA” in JULY 1983, then in 7 Years Later Deicide “Deicide” released its Debut albums on Roadracer Records in July 1990.

We found them better (the music is just a memorable as any works from Bach and Beethoven) than all of the bands who made top 10/ top 25/ top 100 list, from various publications, in the pre-Death Metal age. Deicide KICKED OF THE DEATH METAL AGE, and our BIBLE was the GODLY SOUNDS OF DEATH MAGAZINE .

Before the 1982/1983/1984 wave of Metallica/Exodus/Slayer/Exciter. I found my favorite bands to be a toss-up between Motorhead and Black Sabbath’s first 6 albums with IRON MAIDEN being a favorite of course, but Motorhead had more of a METALLIC ESSECNE a savage factor none of the NWOBHM bands had, with the execption of Tygers of Pan Tang “Wild Cat”, but Motorhead stayed consistant so much they never had any SLOW DOWN SYNDROME albums all the SPEED/POWER/THRASH metal bands made there fans suffered through in 1985 for the first wave of sellouts and 1987 a whole new wave of sellout bands with only Razor and Sepultura being Speed/ THRASH metal bands, who still PLAYED POWER METAL WITH POWER as of 199o/1991



Mercyful Fate




Cradle of Filth


After Deicide the Greatest Heavy Metal Band, in Heavy Metal History the TRUE METAL/ REAL METAL/ EXTREME METAL, was Cradle of Filth with the GODLY “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh” for our INTERNATIONAL category. There are tons of bands who came close (not really) to taking the TRUE METAL crown from the METAL GODS of going on 30 years in 2024, since the Debut albums is when they became our #1 ranked/ rated heavy metal band of all-time. 30 years of the World’s Greatest Heavy Metal Band.


Our Norwegian #1 Ranked/ Rated Band of all-time since May 1999 is Crest of Darkness. There was a Norwegian Black Metal WebZine called


That I used to read, but I found none of those bands on that dudes top 100 albums of all-time list, to have any of the REAL ESSENCE of the METALLIC ESSENCE or any of heavy metal’s trademarks, ie METALLIC AESTHECTICS. All of those bands are not METALLIC ENOUGH FOR MY PERSONAL TASTE.


Cradle of Filth has 24 ALBUMS WHICH WE whole heartily recommend. With Zero hesitation. A band like Metallica pretty much there first 5 albums, with the BLACK ALBUM being a favorite Hard Rock/ Hair Metal albums of mine, which gets heavy rotations between Motley Crue “Dr. Feelgood” and Skidrow’s “Slave To The Gind”

Cradle of Filth has 500% more classic/ TIMELESS MASTERPIECE albums, than that Los Angles founded Band in October 1981.

So if you ever get to work at a REAL Heavy Metal Publication, which has a actual HEAVY METAL HALL OF FAME my 3 houses, you just have to figure out these subjective/objective things, through common sense, after I networked with the top 700 true metal fans of all-time, if you were never contacted by me, from 1986-1997 it is because i found you and your publication strange and bizzare. And there is a reason were never asked for a top 100 albums of all-time list buy us, it is obviously you have no clue/idea WHAT THE F@CK YOUR TALKING ABOUT…!!!

webZines fold/sellout all the time one after another, another, another and a another and a another. I can tell by the writing none of them had the wherewithal, for serious journalist or serious anything for that matter.

But it really helped me I studied Classical Music theory for 6 years, so I KNOW METALLLIC MUSIC when I hear it.

Knowing what Metallic Essence is something that can never be taught.

Either you what a RIFF IS, OR YOU DO NOT



Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back to Back, is a feat never in the history of heavy metal ever been achieved by such a extreme metal band or a heavy metal bands for that fact



V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein

Dusk And Her Embrace

Cruelty and The Beast


From The Cradle To Enslave – MUSIC FOR NATIONS VERSION

From The Cradle To Enslave – Metal Blade Version

Bitter Suites To Succubi

Heavy Left-Handed and Candid

Lovecraft & Witch Hearts

Elven Burial Masses/ Live Bait for the Dead

Damnation and a Day


Peace Through Superior Firepower

Goodspped on the Devil’s Thunder

Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa

Evermore Darkly

Midnight in the Ladyrinth

The Manticore and Other Horrors

Total Fucking Darkness

Hammers of The Witches

Dusk…and Her Embrace–The Original Sin


The only Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal band to have a perfect career for 40 year is Motorhead, they only have 23 essential releases, and Cradle of Filth is only half way into the 40 year mark, with a dozen of there albums making our top 100 albums of the Death Metal Age.


30 Years. Metallica had 30 years as a hard rock band buy credit as a heavy metal band can only be from 1982-1993. As far as the Greatest Heavy Metal Band of all-time.

Guitar World Magazine Wrote that fiction book on the LA Heavy Metal band that became Soft Hard Rock a Pop Metal band actually. This is a unparrelled piece of propaganda, since Guitar World Magazine is NOT KNOW FOR covering WORLD-CLASS HEAVY METAL IN THE FIRST PLACE.!!!


Metallica never sold-out, even if they talked shit for a dozen years against there heavy metal breathen (they joined the true metal trend of October 1981-Ocotober 1986), because Metallica was never a Dangerous Band in the first place.


Metallica’s original fanbase had 4 million fans, then 4 million of the hair metal fans, joined the Metallica cause, because like myself I loved how much James Hetfield sounded like Sean Harris


and Vince Neil


on the “No Life “Til Leather”.  I became a  Metallica fan in October 1982, after meeting a EXODUS fan at a record store who was the World’s most insane Mercyful Fate fan I meet @ the time.


Because I got my fill of NWOBHM by then because the likes of Tank/Acid/Raven/Satan/Mercyful Fate/Exciter played music that was intellectually stimulating to me at the time. Most NWOBHM metal bands might as well been AOR bands in my ears.

Make no mistake about it on July 25th, 1983 Metallica, if you were lucky enough to get on of the first 1,500 LPS Pressed on that day, if not. You had to wait until the next Shipment on August 1st, 1983 or the shipment after that on August 8th, 1983 nailed the coffin shut dead tight on NWOBHM metal when “KILL ‘EM ALL” was released.

If you never figured that one out on August 1st, 1983 maybe your just not into metal.


I was never bothered @ a Slayer/Exodus/Metallica 1983/1984/1985 concert wearing a Iron Maiden/ WASP /Motley Crue tShirt…Slayer still rules in 2016, I sent a reporter to cover them @ Freedom Hill Last Week, Exodus still rules, as always this publication is a Exodus/ Slayer-centric publication. That is where Cradle of Filth fit in the History of Heavy Metal.




then the next step in thingking metaller’s metal was

Cradle of Filth

I seen Metallica last in 1993, the DEATH METAL AGE happened in July 1990, and most Speed/Power/Thrash bands were oblivious to that fact.


I still get packages from Metallica fans to cover them in this and my previous publication. 2016 Metallica released a EXCELLENT Box-Set of Metallica “Kill ’em All” and Metallica “Ride The Lightning”….so they made the KICK*ASS*METAL pages in 2016, for the top 10 reissues of 2016 with the clear winner being

Athiest “Piece of Time” Seasons of Mist CD/DVD set


and the

Sindrome “Resurrection” BOX SET is also GODLY



Angel Dust “Into The Dark Past” got reissused not once but TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in 2016


So history is always written around the WINNERS, and the WINNERS Write History. I was inspired by Philopher Ayn Rand to become a writer.


So if your not up on heavy metal history were are the 3rd avant garde heavy metal publication in existence. The first once UNREALIZED was Ill-Literture, Then Avant Garde Metal webZine which has 3 print edtions was the 1st actual one.

We are heavily on the GOTHIC/AVANT GARDE/ SYMPHONIC/ HORROR METAL side of real heavy metal.


So just because your not aware of



Does not mean you get off the hook and graded on a bell curve.


Our record reviewing is simple. If you have 8 songs of KICK*ASS*METAL with zero filler tracks you get 100 out of 100 Blood Dripping Skulls.

Don’t be fooled THE DEATH METAL age, will last for ever. Even if it started with Slayer/Possessed/Death and Deicide being the best of the best until Cradle of Filth UNLEASHED one of the GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL-TIME in

Cradle of Filth “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh”



THIS IS THE LEGENDARY PHOTO LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT USED FOR THE FEBUARY 20TH, 2013 RoadrunneR/ Blabbermouth news story !!!!!!!!!!!!!