Deströyer 666 RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!

Correction (a omission of  Deströyer 666 when transferring our hand-written notes to this webZine-editior…since these top 100 death metal age albums list were written before, during and after, the first Nervosa album Nervosa” Victim of Yourself” and Nervosa “Agony” were also adding Nervosa “Agony Since todays news date is September 18, 2016 to this list-editor) and our deepest apologizes to METAL GODS  Deströyer 666, about this wild f@ck-up over KICK*ASS*METAL as it concerns what we call THE KICK*ASS*METAL Heavy Metal Hall of Fame. The Sacred 700 albums of all-time, in the GENRE TRUE METAL or what the hard rock/heavy metal press calls extreme metal.

When one of my readers pointed out @ a Record Shoppe, that he know I WORSHIPPED @ THE ALTAR OF  Deströyer 666, just as much as any TOP 100 Heavy Metal Artist of all-time, he wanted  to know why there were not on our top 100/ top 500/ top 666 / top 700 albums of all-time list. I said as a editor and compiler of our top 100 albums of every year / decade/ quarter century / and Century. I have been a heavy metal fan since 1978 so my century mark is at 2078, going on 40 years as a heavy metal die-hard. I said Deströyer 666, is in our top 100 albums of all-time list, and sure as … I went to check our list, and whoa…when transferring my written notes, to a webZine format. We somehow missed Deströyer 666, NOT being on your TOP 100 Heavy Metal albums of the Death Metal Age, so when this f@ck-up was pointed out to me, I just wanted to categorically say, Deströyer 666, deserves to be on a TOP 100 Heavy Metal Albums list of all-time.

Since the WHOLE BACK CATALOGUE, is METALLIC PERFECTION, and Supreme IMMORTAL METALLIC ART OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, everyone who has meet me personally knows, how GODLY this band, and the Deserve to be here more than ANY OF THE OTHER 111,600 bands that a metal publication has to keep track off.


As a KICK*ASS*METAL reader, and the hundreds of people I have meet and interviewed in person at the record shoppe or a heavy metal concert. I always let me readers know to collect first the upper 99.9% of the BEST OF THE BEST in INTERNATIONAL HEAVY METAL, then if you want then collect the rest of the UPPER 99.0.

The math on the UPPER 99.9 percent of the 116,000 heavy metal artist, not really sure what the math on that is say 1,161 best bands of all-time but this band is a TOP 100/ TOP 700 HEAVY METAL BAND OF ALL-TIME.

The BEST OF THE BEST OF ALL-TIME in the upper 99.9 percentile.


For those not up on Heavy Metal there has been a NON-STOP Death Metal age since July 1990, and when thinking of the TOP 100 artist/albums of the Death Metal age. Heavy Metal altars are built around bands such as Deströyer 666. So they have been in our TOP 100 albums list of the Death Metal Age, since 1997 When THE GODLY UNCHAIN THE WOLVES WAS UNLEASHED ON PLANET METAL back in 1997, and are one of the few artist who are actual legends that have 5 back to back to back to back to back classics and making them TRUE LEGENDS in 2 Centuries the 2.


I always tell my readers to collect the best  of the best, and to have no wild f@ck ups in there collection like missing a TOP 100 ALBUM OF ALL-TIME. Trust me on this no one likes a f@Ck-up, so we corrected this wild f@ck. And our apologies to Deströyer 666. If this is the biggest mistake of my life, I can forgive myself, I would of never forgave myself, if this error went to much longer…!!! Thank THE METAL GODS for my astute readership for knowing ACTUAL HEAVY METAL HISTORY and point this out to me…!!!!


A 5 Deströyer 666 albums, are in our TOP 100 / TOP 500/ TOP 666/ TOP 700 albums of all-time list.


Keep in mind this list are albums of the year or albums of a quarter (Winter/ Spring/ Summer/ Fall), or just albums that JUST F@CKING RULE BEYOND YOUR WILDSEST BELIEF!!!!



Abnormality * Contaminating The Hive Mind * 2012
Acheron * Rites of The Black Mass
Annihilator * Alice in Hell
Assassin * The Upcoming Terror
Bathory * Blood Fire Death
Bathory * Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Bestial Warlust * Blood and Valour
Bloodreaping * Ignis Penumbra
Carpathian Forest (NORWAY) * FUCK YOU ALL !!!!!!!
Centuions Ghost * A Sign of Things To Come
Coroner * RIP

Cradle of Filth * The Principle of Evil Made Flesh * 1994
Cradle of Filth * V Empire * 1996
Cradle of Filth * Dusk…and Her Embrace * 1996
Cradle of Filth * Cruelty and The Beast * 1998
Cradle of Filth * From The Cradle To Enslave * 1999
Cradle of Filth * Midian * 2000
Cradle of Filth * Bitte Suites To Succubi * 2001
Cradle of Filth * Damnation and a Day * 2003
Cradle of Filth * Nymphetamine * 2004
Cradle of Filth * Thornography * 2006
Cradle of Filth * Godspeed on The Devil’s Thunder * *2008
Cradle of Filth * Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa * 2010
Cradle of Filth * Midnight On The Ladybrinth * 2012
Cradle of Filth * The Manticore and Other Horrors * 2012

Crest of Darkness (NORWAY) * The Ogress
Crest of Darkness (NORWAY) * Project Regeneration
Crown of Thorns (Sweden) * Eternal Death
Dark Angel * Darkness Descends
Death * Scream Bloody Gore
Death Angel * The Ultra- Violence

Destruction * Infernal Overkill

Deströyer 666 *Unchain The Wolves

Deströyer 666 * Phoenix Rising

Deströyer 666 * Cold Steel…for a Iron Age

Deströyer 666 * Defiance

Deströyer 666 * Wildfire
Deicide * Deicide
Disiplin (NORWAY) * Anti-Life
Dismember * Like a Every Flowing Stream
Entomed * Left Hand Path
Exodus * Bonded By Blood
Exumer * Possessed By Fire
Exumer * Rising By The Sea
Fleshcrawl * Bloodred Massacre
Gravehill * Rites of the Pentagram * 2009
Hellcannon * Infected With Violence
Impiety * Skullfucking Armeggedon
Impiety Koas Kommand 696
Internal Bleeding * Vocarcious Contempt
Iperyt * Totalitarian Love Pulse * 2007
Killaman * Killman
Kings Evil * Deletion of Humanoise
Kreator * Pleasue TO Kill
Krisiun * Black Force Domain
Leviathan * The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide
Massacra (FRANCE) * Final Holocaust
Massacre * From Beyond
Metallica * Kill em All
Metallica * Ride The Lightning
Morbid Angel * Altars of Madness
Mythos * Pain Amplifier
Nercodeath * Into the Macabre
Necromessiah * Antiklerikal Terroristik Deathsquad
Nervosa (Brazil) * Victim of Yourself * 2014

Nervosa (Brazil) * Agony * 2016
Nightside * The End of Christianity
Nile * Amongst The Catacombs of Nephren Ka
Nocturnal Breed (NORWAY) * Agressor
Nocturnal Breed (NORWAY) * Fields of Rot
Nocturnus * The Key
Occult * Of Fleash and Blood
Occult * Elegy For The Weak
Pessimist * Blood For The Gods
Pestilence * Malleus Maleficarum
Possessed * Seven Churches
Onslaught * The Force
Rabelliun (BRAZIL) * Burn The Promise Land
Ritual Carnage * The Highest Law
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Envenom
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Envoke
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Disembody
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Fetishism
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Karisma
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Satanasword
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * Karmagmassacre
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * …And the Sabbatical Queen
Sabbat * (NIPPON) * To Praise the Sabbatical Queen
Sabbat * (NIPPON) *Sabbatrinity
Sabbat * (UNITED*KINGDOM) * History of a time to Come
Sadus * Swallowed in Black
Sepultura * Beneath The Remains
Slayer * Show No Mercy
Slayer * Haunting The Chapel
Slayer * Hell Awaits
Slayer * Live Undead
Slayer * Reign In Blood
Sinners Burn (Sweden) * Insanity Warmachine * 2010
Sodomizer (Brazil) * The Death Shall Rise To Kill * 2007
Surrender of Divinity * Oriental Hell Rhythmic
The Monolith Deathcult (Netherlands) * Tetragrammaton * 2013
Urgehal * Goatcraft Torment *
Warfect * Exoneration Denied * 2013
Walhalla * Firereich
Vader * The Ultimate Incantation
Vader * Litnay
Voi Vod * War and Pain
Zyklon (NORWAY) * Aeon



Deströyer 666 RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!