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October 14th, 2016


TOP 100 ALBUMS OF 2016




Whoa….no feature on this band on the so-called “Metal Archives” or the BNR PAGES. I did l@@K and I got the first review of this album up, beating genre leaders Sonic Cathedral and Metal Maidens.


For my METALLIC FIX of MELODIC METAL with some excellent guitar work, I put Amaranthe “Maximalism”  in heavy rotations between Metallica’s “Metallica”, and Megadeth’s “Countdown To Extinction”.

I hit the record shoppes 123 times a year, and when I saw the Amaranthe “Amaranthe” album in the popular/ successful music racks. Popular POP MUSIC is an achievement not a genre. I decided to give it a chance, and while it is not my usual, every day listening of Gothic Metal/ Gothic Rock/ Gothic Classical Music or Dark Symphonic Black Metal. I had instant respect for the band for having their own niche, a true one-of-a-kind sound/style/approach.

Instead of just picking a pre-packaged genre/sub-genre and take a low ranking in the over saturated heavy metal genre. Amaranthe choose to blaze its own trail, and create music of their own artistic vision…!!!

Having Studied Music Theory and sang as a classical vocalist myself for six years, so I have a good idea, WHAT ARTIST PRACTICE 1 HOUR A DAY, and what artist live there music everyday full throttle, to the bone and to the core.

I have never stopped studying song-writing, or music theory. I have read every book on song-writing.  And as far as Elize Ryd star shinning bright. I have to check our hall of fame list for WORLD-CLASS VOCALIST. We try to update this every year, but if there is a mistake and Elize Ryd is not on our top best of the best WORLD-CLASS VOCALIST, make no mistake Elize Ryd’s / Amaranthe KICK*ASS*METAL Heavy Metal Hall of Fame induction date is April 13th, 2011…!!!!

Elize Ryd was once considered for the GODLY SYMPHONIC METAL PIONEERS AND LEGENDS. Nightwish !!!!

So I have just realized looking over the bands WIKIPEDIA page, I am a first day buyer of all there albums….!!!!!!!!!!


With this album I did have fears that they would not come close to the class of the last album, because it had one of the greatest songs and videos of this decade/century and of all-time in




After a band releases one of the best albums of a year or decade, all they can do, is trying to keep their artist vision in tack, and create music with powerful melodies.


In my opinion the hit on this album “Maximalism” is a song called THAT SONG.


And I do appreciate its vibe to The Classic Queen track “We Will Rock You”….!!! This is an actual tribute coming from being inspired with real inspiration. The band has the song-smiths who know song-writing architecture , to put together World-Class Music with layers of beautiful aesthetics.


So what World-Class upper-tier does Amaranthe belong in the upper 99.9 percent or jus the upper 99.0. The upper 99.9 percent obviously because the band has their own easy identifiable unique one-of-a-kind style/sound.


Back in 2011 Word Spread fast that their was a new Swedish Metal band with 3 Vocalist and one of the vocalist in there ranks is a World-Class Vocalist.  I have been a supporter of female in hard rock/ heavy metal since the summer of 1980. With favorites back then being Dale Bozzio, Debbie Harry, Terri Nunn, and later with Cherie Currie, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and the GODLY Kate DeLombaert ACID fame…!!!


With Amaranthe being Progenitors of their own genre and own style, I am looking forward to the successor albums to “Maximalism”

Listening to the Amaranthe back catalogue each of the 4 albums are different from each other, and the band has had almost a 10 year existence, and I really believe the band and its fanbase can grow together going in the same direction. I did notice METAL is what holds the band’s style together, and I love that the band never sacrifices melody as well as keeping enough of the metallic factor in their music, to satisfy the casual concert-goer and the hard-core hard rock heavy metal fan, who loves top-notch World-Class Guitar Work as well as perfectly executed melodies that never leave you.

I expcect the band to be around for 30 years with their integrity in tack, and Elize Ryd, will have a career in music with GODSPEED for the rest of her life. Her STAR DOES SHINE BRIGHT, a true one-in-a-million, and perhaps a true one-in-a-billion.


Photo above Kate DeLombaert * ACID

Photo below ElizeRyd * Amaranthe





Above is photo a METAL HAMMER

Article below a article we picked up for posterity from Metal Hammer Publication…!!!


Hammer-Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




“Singer Elize Ryd on the varied influences that create up their sound


Amaranthe’s Elize Ryd says she can’t pigeonhole the band’s sound and reckons they invented their own genre.

The Swedish band’s joint vocalist says each member of the group brought their own influences to the table when they formed in 2008. She wanted to infuse the pop stylings of stars like Beyoncé with Jake Lundberg’s love of 80s rock and guitarist Olof Morck’s classical background. Bassist Johan Andreassen’s punk obsession helps add to the mix, says Ryd.

She tells Yell: “I would say that we probably, by coincidence, created our own genre. I don’t see myself as a specifically metal girl. I see myself as a musical artist. And from musicals, you can do rock –like Queen musical We Will Rock You or Mamma Mia which is pop, or Les Miserables which is classical.

“I’m versatile. I thought it would be so cool if I could sing like in a Beyonce-type voice. I’d never heard that in metal before. We are different as people and we put in what we are best at. Olaf comes from a classical background. Johan is the punk guy, Jake is good at his 80s rock thing. We never try to adjust to a specific kind of genre, we just stay true to ourselves then write together.”

Despite the varied influences, Ryd admits that metal shines through the strongest.

She adds: “Metal is the strongest element to it. For me it’s mostly about putting out a message. And if someone considers that message to be rock, pop or jazz –that’s up to them.”

Amaranthe released latest album Massive Addictive in 2014….(that was exactly two years ago the current Amaranthe splatter platter aka ALBUM/CD is Amaranthe “Maximalism” Unleashed on Planet Metal October 21st, 2016)

L@@K FOR IT ON OUR TOP 100 HEAVY METAL ALBUMS OF 2016 ….!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genre / subgenre progenitors Black Sabbath, Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, Possessed, Bathory, Nightwish, The Gathering, Cradle of Fitlth and Amaranthe. Bathory and Amaranthe both hail from Sweden….!!!!!!!!!!!

HAIL TO SWEDEN…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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