Los Angeles, California

Ocotober 29th, 2016

Concert Review




DOWNSTAGE CENTER * World-Class Vocalist..also played Guitar on a few songs * Phil Lewis

DOWNSTAGE RIGHT * World-Class Bassist * KeenyKweens

DOWNSTAGE LEFT * World-Class Guitarist * Micheal Grant

SANG the Prince Cover Version “Purple Rain”

UPSTAGE CENTER * World-Class Drummer * Steve Riley


Photo below TOKEN LOUNGE * WESTLAND, MI 48186 10/29/2016 — SET LIST






LA GUNS is one of those bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Exodus, Halloween the Heavy Metal Horrorshow, Seduce, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Ratt, Poison, Dokken….and tons of other I have seen live a billion times in the 1980’s. I started with 1980’s Heavy Metal in 1978/1979/1980  just like everyone else, who covers the KICK*ASS and World-Class bone crunching metallic music we cover @ KICK*ASS*METAL.

The first time I seen LA GUNS was around the era of the Debut album. For Metro Detroit, circa 1987/1988. I will have to dig through my scrap books because I simply can not remember the dates since from Late 1982 until the year 1998 I went to a concert everyday of the year. Because I worked in the music business at the point in my life. So I have those scrapbooks in storage, those databases of the venues I worked @, so LA GUNS was always in my eyes a top-notch World-Class Heavy Metal Band.

Don’t forget the brilliant Glam Metal and the brilliant Power/Thrash Metal  styles have the same birthdate as far as the music press covering these styles. The same birthdate for this is August 1981. MTV on one side and SPECIALIZED Heavy Metal press on the other side.

Last night I went just for fun, all fun, and nothing for KICK*ASS*METAL, just to unwind and I was not going to cover this, as a concert review of this event. But as always LA GUNS is just one of the GREATEST LIVE BANDS OF ALL-TIME, and LA GUNS are master song-writers, who know how to write a KILLER HOOK for the vocal melodies, and I always loved the GUITAR TONE. And I was really impressed with GUITAR HERO to me Michael Grant, who KICKED everyone’s ASS badly last night. People can tell me who is on a top 100 Guitarist list, but no one is going to tell me who my favorite guitarist are. Micheal Grant is a favorite guitarist of mine, totally convinced and a true believer of his KICK*ASS SKILL SET…. I hope to see a full-length album from LA GUNS with Michael Grant as the Guitarist. Man and I hope it is album of bone crunching scorchers

And this is a concert I hope to remember for the rest of my life, I have been a heavy metal fan for going on 40 years, and I expect another 20 years as a true metal fan. I also have a penchant respect for heavier hard rock and classical music. There is always new KICK*ASS original music in every genre, just you have to know where to look. I write here, but I am in the readership of 6 or 7 specialized pressed, and from there I.

The Reason I will always remember this concert is because it was around Halloween time 10/29/2016, and Kenny Kweens and Michel Grant wore METALLIC MASK For the 1st song,…!!!! Which set the mood for KILLER POSITIVE KICK*ASS VIBES !!


As a WORLD-CLASS GUITARIST Michael Grant, has an awesome stage presence, and can execute any song/solo, no matter how much he is in a peak state, of aggression and talent. Micheal Grant does have talent, and enough of his own style/sound to keep me interested as a lifelong metallic and classical music fan…!!! Usually when I go to concerts, National Rock Review covers the same events I cover, so this review will have to do until they release one, but I wrote this review just for my own posterity, since I have seen the band live a billion times, and hope this review can be used later in life on planet metal by other journalist. I will be printing out everything on this band, since I am putting a future LA GUNS very high on my wantlist…!!! Even if I add more albums to my music library I still listen to albums from the GOLDEN AGES of heavy metal, glam metal, Death Metal, and Avant Garde Metal. Which is the subject on target taste and subject matter.


Michael Grant sang Princes’ “Purple Rain”, and got it perfect and hope one day LA GUNS w/ Michael Grant can get the legal rights to cover this song, with the sound they had last night…whoa ruled beyond belief, and getting floored and mind-blown like that, is something that will forever be an indelible mark on my psyche in a KICK*ASS way because of the KILLER VIBES of LA GUNS, this song, and how much Michael Grant just ruled beyond words and beyond belief. I saved a days pay (150$ USD but I work 350 days a year s0….with zero bills)weeks ago for this concert. I ended up saving a full days pay, even though I still do my 3 times a week vinyl binges so for sure was more than happy to get the ticket, get a t-shirt, and an over did the Blue Moons a bit, but nevermind the hangover it is LA GUNS for Crying Out louds…!!!

Of course the bands was super cool during the meet and greet and it was a true honor to meet the LA HEAVY METAL LEGENDS. I never did a top 100 albums of all-time for Glam Metal/ Hair Metal/ Hard Rock. But for the style LA GUNS is a band that is on that list, you know the golden age that we cover at this publication 1980-1991 for heavy metal and 1983-1989 for extreme metal.