Every year since 1980 as a metal fan, I usually can find the most innovative album by October 30th, of each year.

2016 Has been a stellar year for HEAVY METAL, and for our pick for album of the year in HEAVY METAL. There has been a ton of KILLER AND KICK*ASS*METAL RELEASES IN 2016.


So for the 2016 album of the year. The n0minees are


Abnormality  * “Mechanizations of Omniscience”

Attacker “Sins of the World”

DARKENESS “The Gasoline Solution”

Deathcrown “Livning Hell”

Destruction “Under Attack”

Infernal Majesty “album title tba..tentative”

Nervosa “Agony” —2016 Heavy Metal album of the year.

Testament “Brotherhood of the Snake”


And while we have listened to the top 100 albums of 2016, even the top 200 albums of 2016. No one comes in with a million miles of the thrash metal legends Nervsoa.

2016 saw the Greatest Thrash Metal Vocalist of the 21st Century Battle it Out With the Greatest Death Metal Vocalist of all-time, for the album of the year. Why Nervsosa won the album of the year, is because it came down to METALLIC BONE CRUCNHING MOLTEN METAL KILLER GUITAR TONE.

Prika Amaral has the best thrash metal guitar tone of the 21st century and a top 10 heavy metal guitarist of all-time, and has won the Guitarist of the year in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Prika Amaral is a master of thrash metal guitar wizardry and is in the big leagues of the grestest guitarist of all-time with Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Tony Iommi, Diamond Darrell of Pantera, and the likes.


There are 60 days left in 2016, and I really doubt a band will pull a December surprise like Slayer DID in 1983. Nervosa “Agony” is Heavy Metal’s 2016 Heavy Metal album of the year. And the reason for our October 30th deadline every year. We announce the album of the year this early, so you can add the record of the year to your collection as soon as possible, and get it to play for Halloween, to make Halloween a bit extra heavier for the trick-or-treaters everywhere on planet metal. Also this day is used so if you decide to pass out Heavy Metal CD’s for Heavy Halloween, you can just pass out the best of the best in WORLD-CLASS Heavy Metal.














Nervosa never imitated never duplicated and second-to-none. Nervosa “Agony” 2016 Heavy Metal album of the year in Heavy Metal. Prika Amaral is THE GOLD STANDARD WHICH YOU WILL BE MEASURED AGAINST year in and year out, for the rest of this decade, century and of all-time.