Satuday January 21th, 2017 – The release party for Bloodline Riot‘s new single & video for the song, “Betrayed”

(Produced by Andy Patalan/ Mastered by Maor Applbaum) at the world famous

The Token Lounge in Westland, MI.

If you live with in the tri-state era of Michigan and in Canada. We are letting you know you have the chance to see one of the Greatest Hard Rock Guitarist @ The Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan on January 21st, 2017. As a lifelong rock and roll and heavy metal fan starting in 1978 with Van Halen “Van Halen” I have always loved Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal on the melodic side featuring World-Class Vocalist, but as I got more and more in to RIFF BASED HEAVY METAL, and discovering the Greatest Guitarist from all-over the World. Michigan has one of the most talent / professional / KICK*ASS/ BAD*ASS Hard Rock bands in the country. If you have vacation days, use them for this event, and save lots of money, because this event is going to be fun, and we are going to cover it no matter what at all cost…!!!


This event is 45 days a way from now, and out of the all the bands we cover, we GAVE THIS # 1 priority news, because this Bloodline Riot rules as a live band, and has their own sound, own style, and just like with Resistance featuring Lisa Stephens, this is just a case of 4 of the states BEST WORLD-CLASS MUSICIANS in our state in the same band. There are a few bands in Michigan in this category Coven13, Resistance, Bloodline Riot..quickly come to mind!!! Coven13 being Traditional Heavy Metal Resistance is a Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal Band, and Bloodline Riot plays Modern Rock with an awesome Heavy Metal twist. There is only one Bloodline Riot…!!!!!!! So everyone spread the word of this event like Wildfire and tell everyone word of mouth, and make this one a success, no matter where you live on Planet Metal you have some vacation days and you want to see the BEST OF THE BEST in World-Class Music, with top-notch World-Class Musicianship and where Bloodline Riot really excels where most bands try, but can not achieve the Top-notch status is song-writing, is a perfect balance of all the instruments as well as World-Class musicianship  to compliment Dan Greer’s awesome timbre.

Dan Greer * Bloodline Riot FAME


Hard Rock fans you are in for a one of the greatest concerts of your life, musician’s also should attend, because Bloodline Riot is a GOLD STANDARD artist in MODERN HARD ROCK — The Gold Standard is defined as the best, most reliable, or most prestigious thing of its type . 

So if you live in the Tri-State area of Michigan or live in Canada….this is one of the front-runners for 2017 Concert of the year…!!!!!!!!!!!! And there will be a concert review of this no doubt about that !!!!!!!!!!



BLOODLINE RIOT’S BIO is provided courtesy of the bands official facebook presence !!!!!!

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Founded in 2011
Artists We Also Like
Papa Roach, Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Sick Puppies, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Hail the Villain, Escape the Fate, Black Veil Brides, Velvet Revolver, Pantera, Stone Temple Pilots & many more
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Modern Rock/Metal
Dan Greer: Vocals
Jason Caine: Lead Guitar
Eric Vancil: Bass
Romie Burford: Drums
Detroit, MI
“Keys and Clockwork” the debut album now available on iTunes, Amazon.com & CDBaby.com

Bloodline Riot is a band formed to bring together the influences of their previous bands, explore new horizons & to release their heavier inner demons. Bloodline Riot was formed by members from 3 different prominent Rock bands in the Detroit area. “The idea was to find the best members from bands that we respected & that had made an impact musically. It was also important that we all had the same positive outlook, work-ethic & drive to take Bloodline Riot as far as possible.”, says guitarist Jason Caine.

Upon the complete formation of the band, Bloodline Riot set out with a plan of action to make their strategy a reality. The first song that Bloodline Riot had written, “Burn” was soon recorded at the Loft Studios in Saline, MI with producer Andy Patalan (Taproot, Sponge) & mixed & mastered by Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Trust Company) at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI. The song was immediately put into rotation on 88.7FM (CIMX Windsor/Detroit) as well as spread throughout the country to internet radio stations. “Coming from different bands, we were fortunate that there was some buzz going on as to what we were up to. People were very curious to hear what the end product of these 3 different bands collaborating would sound like. 88.7FM has been supportive since day one, & we were very fortunate to see “Burn” winning contests for Most Requested on various radio stations around the country.” says Caine.

Based on the success of “Burn”, Bloodline Riot pushed forward full-throttle to record their independently released EP, “Keys and Clockwork” with producer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Trust Company, Saving Abel, etc.) at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI during the Winter of 2011/2012. Showcasing Bloodline Riot’s diversity in the Active Rock genre, “Keys and Clockwork” provides a template of strong hooks, songwriting & lyrical content as well as musical chops. “Musically, we want to write music that makes you want to drive fast, move your body or have sex.” Caine laughs and continues, “When our singer joined the band, he brought in some very deep & meaningful lyrics that really bring an emotional context to the music. If you listen to his lyrics, not only will you find something you can relate to, but they will make you think about your life & what you may be able to do to make it better. Combining these elements, you get the thrust of what Bloodline Riot is about.”

Keeping the pace at non-stop, Bloodline Riot won the Ernie Ball/Best Buy Music Gear Battle of the Bands in Aug ’11, and earned a slot on the Rockstar Uproar Festival Detroit line-up at DTE Energy Theater to play with Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Seether, Bullet for my Valentine, Escape the Fate, Sevendust, Black Tide, Art of Dying & Hell or Highwater. The band has also shared the stage with nationals such as Drowning Pool, Buckcherry, Scott Stapp (Creed), Taproot, Fuel, Nonpoint, Soil, Powerman5000, Dope, Saliva, Saving Abel, Otherwise, Tantric, 12 Stones, James Durbin (American Idol), The Dreaming (feat. Stabbing Westward vocalist Chris Hall) & more.

Bloodline Riot was selected twice to be featured during the 89X radio Motor City Minute at Joe Louis Arena. The first time during the Detroit Red Wings vs Calgary Flames Hockey game at Joe Louis Arena on Wed Nov 23 2011. Their single, “Burn” was showcased during the second period intermission cut to a video and presented on the Jumbotron. See the video on the official Red Wings Website here ( http://video.redwings.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=138304&catid=-6 ) .Their latest single, “Pendulum” was selected to be featured during the Red Wings vs Blue Jackets game on Mon Mar 26 2012.

Bloodline Riot was nominated for 6 Detroit Music Awards for 2012 including Best Hard Rock/Metal Group, Best Rock/Pop Recording for “Burn”, Best Live Performance & member Jason Caine has been nominated for the 2nd year for both Outstanding Rock/Pop Instrumentalist & Rock/Pop Songwriter, as well as singer Michael Hughes being nominated for Outstanding Rock/Pop Vocalist.

In addition, Bloodline Riot was named as one of 89x Radio’s “Best of 2011”, an honor given to the most requested, most played, & biggest songs of the year, with bands such as Pop Evil, Chiodos, I See Stars. They also won the Banana 101.5FM Flint-Town Throwdown Round 3 & 17, competing against other regional bands, garnering their singles, “Burn” & “Gemini” rotation on the radio station.

Throughout the course of the band, Bloodline Riot has obtained and is currently endorsed by companies such as Spector Basses, Wornstar Clothing, Krank Amplification, Sennheiser, Sinister Guitar Picks, Wicked Hammer Energy Drink, Soultone Cymbals & XOX Audio Tools. Bloodline Riot proudly works hand in hand with supporting these amazing companies that have put their faith in the band based on the principle that they truly believe in the products they’re endorsing.

Bloodline Riot’s members have toured the country, playing high profile shows at venues such as CBGB’s, the Viper Room, The Elbo Room (Chicago IL), The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, DTE Energy Theater to conferences such as the Millennium Music Conference, The Midpoint Music Festival & also have had music licensed to MTV, VH-1, Cartoon Network & the Biography Channel. Taking their experiences & forging them together, Bloodline Riot sees the sky as the limit & has every plan to take the world by storm.

*2014 – Co-headliners Crispyfest 2014
*2014 – Endorsed by Spector Bass
*2014 – Endorsed by Sinister Guitar Picks & Wicked Hammer Energy drink
*2013 – Endorsed by Wornstar Clothing
*2013 – March – Jason Caine endorsed by Spear Guitar USA
*2013 – Sunset Island Music’s Band of the Week 3/17-3/23/13
*2013 – “Pendulum” announced by 89x (88.7FM CIMX) as 1 of 25 most played songs of 2012
*2012 – Endorsed by Sennheiser
*2012 – Endorsed by Krank Amplification
*2012 – “Gemini” wins the Flint-Town Throwdown Battle of the Bands garnering the song airplay on 101.5FM Flint-the Banaa
*2012 – Showboat Rockfest (Chesaning, MI) w/Sevendust, Art of Dying, Drowning Pool, Fuel, Taproot, Nonpoint, Soil, James Durbin (of American Idol), 12 Stones & more
*2012 – “Burn” is Most Requested Song on Untapped Radio for 10 weeks
*2012 – “Gemini” is Most Requested Song on Tapped Detroit Radio for 7 weeks
*2012 – Endorsed by Unlocal Clothing Co.
*2012 – Winners of 101.5FM Flint Flint-Town Throwdown Battle of the Bands
*2012 – Nominated for 6 Detroit Music Awards
*2012 – Named 1 of the “Best of 2011” by 89X (88.7FM Windsor/Detroit)
*2012 – “Pendulum” featured on 89X Motor City Minute
during Detroit Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena
*2012 – “Keys & Clockwork” EP recorded/produced by Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Saving Abel, Trust Company)
*2011 – “Burn” featured on 89X Motor City Minute during Red Wings
at Joe Louis Arena
*2011 – Winners of Best Buy/Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. Opens the
Rockstar Uproar Festival at DTE Energy Theater for Avenged Sevenfold,
3 Days Grace, Seether, Bullet for My Valentine, Escape the Fate,
Sevendust, Black Tide, Art of Dying
*2011 – Endorsed by Egnater Amps, Zon Basses, XOX Audio Tools
*2011 – “Burn” most requested song on TapDetroit Radio for 4 weeks
*2011 – “Burn” recorded/produced by Andy Patalan (Sponge, Taproot)/mixed &
mastered by Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Saving Abel, Trust Company)

“Bloodline Riot is the kind of music you listen to when you need that pick-me-up to get through the day. Tons of energy and some outstanding lyrics provides you with something new and refreshing to listen to. Bloodline Riot is the breath of fresh air in the Detroit music scene!”
-Phil Kukawinski (89x Homeboy Show Program Director & 89x on-air DJ)

“Bloodline Riot is a band that will impress and excite fans of the Detroit music scene just on the merits of it’s individual members, but also proves itself with an end result that exceeds the sum of its parts. From powerful, frantic drum beats to the jolting screech of pristine guitar riffs, all melding masterfully with intense, soaring vocals, the Riot will get under your skin and bring out the best that Hard Rock has to offer. Try not to destroy anything…important.”
– David McDonald (WXOU Radio, Tyrant Music CEO)

“Aside from delivering jaw-dropping live performances, Bloodline Riot offers thoughtfully inspired lyrics that prove they spend just as much time crafting their songs as they do promoting their image.”
– Mathew Cromwell (The Oakland Press -Aug 19, 2011)

“Bloodline Riot sent a track, “Burn”, to us via email, and it’s pretty damned good. Very “contemporary metal”, and there’s nothing wrong with that when the tune is this good.”
-Brett Callwood (Metro Times)

“Bloodline Riot’s music has a great combination of melodic verses, meshed with a pounding backbeat that keeps you energized throughout all of the tunes. There is a certain versatility to their sound that has a bit of something for the metal fan, while at the same time finding some pleasing choruses for the fan of more progressive sounding rock.”
– K-ROCK (Mid-Atlantic Rock Review)

“If you are looking for impressive solos and catchy, heavy guitar riffs, all the tracks on Keys and Clockwork offer a complete mix. Heart pounding rock anthems coupled with an arena rock sound…”
-Backstage VIP’s Review

“Bloodline Riot’s “BURN”, an anthem for the fan of just about anything…if you love something set it free, my ass.If you dig it, take it back! Bloodline Riot leads the charge!!!”
– ChrissRoq (DJ at Unleashed-Radio)

“Bloodline Riot is – Tight Energetic and Exciting !! – Detroit Rock at it’s BEST” !!
– Michael DeMoss (owner / operator Mo Doggie’s Bar and Grill in Fenton, MI)

“Bloodline Riot is the band that Detroit has needed for quite some time. They sound like no one you have heard before, and they have a song everyone should take notice of.”
-Rikki Roxx (Host of the Rikki Roxx Effect Radio Show) See More

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Detroit, MI
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Jason Gutholm
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