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Guitarist Rick Rozz DeLillo and vocalist Kam Lee have rejoined forces in a revamped version of their classic late 1980s/early 1990s death metal band MASSACRE. The main objective of the group — which also features Rozz‘s THE END bandmates Michael Grim (bass/vocals) and Mike Mazzonetto (drums) — is to rekindle the original sound, style, aggression, and passion that originally elevated MASSACRE to cult status in the death metal scene two and a half decades ago.

The new MASSACRE is managed and represented by World Entertainment‘s Gunter Ford and Alexander Ford. Booking in Europe is being handled by Paul Ryan at UTI, while booking in the USA and Canada is being taken care of by Mark Hyman and Andrea Roberts at ATI.

MASSACRE is working on tours for the U.S.A, Europe, Latin America, and other areas worldwide. The plan is to play the “From Beyond” album, along with a few old classics from DEATH and the pre-DEATH outfit MANTAS.

Lee joined THE END on stage this past Friday, December 9 in Melbourne, Florida to play four MASSACRE songs….

MASSACRE‘s last incarnation included Rozz and Mazzonetto alongside bassist Terry Butler and vocalist Ed Webb. That lineup lasted for four years and released a critically acclaimed album, 2014’s “Back From Beyond”, via Century Media Records.