Did you think you would never find a CD  to fit perfectly between heavy rotation spins of Heart • Live @ The Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra • Crest of Darkness “The Ogress” • Cradle of Filth’s “Damnation and A Day” • Lucifer “Lucifer I • Riti Occulti “Riti Occulti • Coven “Witchcrafts Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls” • & Nervosa’s “Agony”

You want LOUD and you want PROUD. Since we cover the best of the best of World-Class Music mostly in the GOTHIC/METAL/ROCK/AVANT-GARDE/ HORROR METAL/ DARK METAL REALM.

If you ever read the all-time classic book James L. McHard “The Future of Modern Music”, you would know there few top 100 top and top 500 albums of classical albums that parallel Crest of Darkness/Cradle of Filth/ Lucifer/ Coven/ Riti Occulti in terms of evocation and mind-blowing musicianship and top-notch/ world-class song-writing.


If anything I would like to see Heavy Metal artist other than practice 4/8/12/16 hours a day, is to learn song-writing for the best of the best of the masters, no matter the style as long as its KICK*ASS and BAD*ASS


Alan Hovhaness had a pretty extensive career. This CD was chosen because it has TWO of the BEST mind-blowing pieces of classical MUSIC ON THE SAME DISC…!!!!!!!!! On my top 100 Classical Music list, I try to find Classical music with what is now called the GOTHIC and AVANT-GARDE aesthetic.


Very few artist can claim they have a top 100 recording of all-time, but 61 minutes and 8 seconds of pure mind-blowing evocation and jaw dropping musicianship and top-notch world-class song-writing.


The Secret to this album is in the liner notes, the song-writer gives tons of tips as to why this is one of the TOP 100 CLASSICAL ALBUMS OF ALL-TIMES !!!!!!

This CD is a 1993 pressing, and as with all albums that I rated in the top 100 / top 500 / top 700 albums in its genre, I usually end up with every World-Wide Pressing.!! The label this is on Delos this is there 20th anniversary year, and a 20th anniversary seal in on the back layout !!!!!

The layout and the liner-notes are the version every fan of this album needs because not only was Alan Hovhanness still alive but he was the Conductor on this all-time timeless masterpiece !!!!!!!!!! 







Sym 50 “Mount St. Helens”

Symphony 22 “City of Light”

Schwarz • Hovhaness • Seattle


Cat • DE 3137


Liner Notes by Neil Stannard


Symphony No•50 “Mount St. Helens OP•360 (31:25)

Andante (10:08)

Spirt Lake (7:20)

Volcano (13:49)

Gerand Scharz, Conductor


Symphony No•22 “City of Light” OP•326 (29:38)

Allegro Moderato (9:51)

Angel of Light (3:49)

Allegretto Graioso (2:38)

Finale (12:59)

Alan Hovahness, Conductor


Seattle Symphony


Total Playing Time 61:08

(c) (p) 1993 Delos International Inc

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Holywood, California


Printed & Maufactured in U.S.A