We’re doing our top 100 albums of the year event, and over  the last few years there has been 1 Magazine.  The One the Only EvilSpeak Magazine…. That is always on our “MUST HAVE” must read a list for every serious Heavy Metal library. I was ordering at the Razorback Records Website yesterday….For my fix of METALLIC ‘MUST HAVES’ and did not see it over there yet…! Because it is @

This Evilspeak Number 5 was unleashed on Planet Metal

December 12th, 2016
When doing our top 100 best METALLIC books of all-time, so far EvilSpeak Magazine has All 5 of what they have printed/published. So get all 5 and 5 down 95 to go. 2o16 Has been a KICK*ASS year for Heavy Metal and no heavy metal music/reading library is complete until, Evilspeak Magazine graces your shelves. File between Snakepit Heavy Metal France and Sounds of Death Death Metal fanZine, now called DOA Magzine. It is that ELITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evilspeak has assembled the best writters and write the best articles….A TRUE HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR 2016 !!!!!!!!!! BUY OR F@CKING DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!


Evilspeak Magazine returns from its rotting, decayed tomb to unleash pure evil yet again for volume 5! NOW AVAILABLE!

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For this issue, we have unearthed the legendary Enzo Sciotti for an interview feature and a stunning and exclusive cover painting! Enzo is known for his amazing poster artwork for such Italian horror classics such as Demons, The Beyond, House by the Cemetery, The New York Ripper, and so many more! We are extremely proud to have gotten the chance to work with Enzo for volume 5 of Evilspeak. A true legend and master of horror artwork! The new issue features 200 pages of unstoppable horror carnage in the form of passionate features and articles on such films as The Other Hell, All the Colors of the Dark, Satan’s Slave, Eyeball, Headless Eyes, Patrick Still Lives, Tragic Ceremony, Black Candles, Lady Terminator, Nude For Satan, and many more! We dive into some extreme Asian horror and gore this time with a full-length feature on the infamous category 3 films from Hong Kong, as well as the splatterific Shaw Brothers classic Seeding of a Ghost! Doc Holocausto provides us with some incredible full-length features on Verotik comics, the infamous horror comic company from Danzig himself, as well as an epic feature titled “Books of Blood” about horror films involving evil and terrifying tomes of terror! The incredible Paul Naschy is once again featured in the form of two great articles on The Mummy’s Revenge and Hunchback of the Morgue! Jon Kitley from Kitley’s Krypt brings us an epic feature on made for TV horrors from the 1970’s! We also feature a full-length interview with David Gregory from Severin Films, one of the best blu ray and DVD companies specializing in Euro horror and sleaze! We also have a very interesting full-length interview feature with the legendary Jerry Younkins from the infamous film, The Devil Master! This issue also features rare soundtrack reviews, a full-length interview with the oldschool horror metal band Phantasm from the early 90’s, as well as more brain-splattering horror and terror that you can possibly imagine! We end the issue with a KILLER and original horror comic story drawn in the classic Eerie Pubs style about the slasher classic, Maniac! This must be seen to be believed! Volume 5 has finally arrived, sink your fangs into it NOW!

*The first 200 to order will receive a FREE CD from the horror/punk/metal band DEATH CURSE! A must for fans of old Metallica/Slayer/D.R.I. and the early Misfits! All songs are about classic oldschool horror movies and the CD features some amazing full color artwork!

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*We have reprinted the special “Evilspeak Mask” from issue one due to popular demand!

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Evilspeak Horror MagazineDebut Issue

January 14th, 2014






Evilspeak Horror Magazine # 2

July 28th, 2014


The below comment is found on the Evilspeak official facebook presence 

“Evilspeak issue 2 Mission Statement:

First of all, we would like to thank and show our appreciation to those who have supported us and helped spread the word of Evilspeak. We feel that we owe a mission statement on behalf of issue 2 and explain not only what is entailed in the pages, but to remind you that just like issue 1, absolutely NO paid ads are featured in this magazine. We stick by our motto of 0% filler, 100% KILLER! We have worked our asses off to create a TRULY independent horror magazine that is all about celebrating the love of the genre and nothing more! We also want to share with you that we went even more pro with this issue and upped the game in quality. This issue is a 108 page professionally offset printed magazine with even more color this time on the front and inside covers (front and back).

Issue 2 is a true labor of love that was 6 months in the making, and is chock full of so many great features that we don’t know how to pick the best of the best, so we’re going to have a beefy list for you, so here we go: Lady Frankenstein, Night of the Werewolf, The Beast Within, a 20-page medical report styled write-up on Facial Deconstruction Surgery in movies, Skywald Comics, Disciple of Death, Video Vixen: A Mom and Pop Video Store Retrospect, Jean Rollin’s Fascination as well as an article on starlet Brigitte Lahaie, Six Degrees of Dr. AC (Connecting these movies in one meaty feature: Death Line aka Raw Meat, Dead & Buried, Frankenhooker, Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, Nightmares, Blood Beach), Blood Ceremony aka the Female Butcher, Twins of Evil, Buio Omega and a review of GOBLIN’s soundtrack, Rockrypt Vol. 2: Hard Rock Zombies & Killer Party, Slash N’ Burn – Horror in Sword and Sorcery: Conquest & The Sword and the Sorcerer, Joe D’Amato Tribute hailing his movies including Death Smiled At Murder and Absurd, Dawn of the Mummy, Blood on Satan’s Claw, Devil’s Wedding Night, Vampyres, Alucarda, AND MORE!

This issue also includes the debut of underground gore artist Matt Putrid’s very own column for Evilspeak, GRAVE EXHUMATIONS! A four page hand written/drawn feature that is full of sleazy, splatter insanity! Putrid dives into the horrific world of two underrated 80’s horror gems: The Kiss and Mausoleum!

Artists who contributed original art for this issue are Don England (who did our cover once again, but this time it’s a WRAP AROUND!), Putrid, Reuben Splatterbeast, Shagrat, and more! Justin Stubbs once again provided an amazing job on our layout.”




Evilspeak Horror Magazine # 3


December 16th, 2014






Evilspeak Horror Magazine Volume 4


October 8th, 2015



Evilspeak Horror Magazine Volume 5

December 16th, 2016