Every year, around this time of year. Santa is getting gifts for the little one’s and if your leaving Santa.Out steak, alot of seafood and some Labbat’s Blue. Leaving him something he really want’s. 

Last year l left Santa a Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” CD.  This year leave Santa a Attacker “Sins of the World ” CD. 

Hey Santa has been working his fingers to the bone. He deserves the best, Heavy Metal albums that are all killer and zero filler. 

For the Heavy Metal Santa • Attacker “Sins of the World”

Thrashing Metal Santa wants • Nervosa “Agony” • Darkness “The Gasoline Solution” • Testament “Brotherhood of the Snakes”

Death Metal Santa wants • Abnormality “Mechanizations of Omniscience”
Hard Rocking /Heavy Metal Santa wants • Motorhead “Clean Your Clock” • The Pretty Reckless “Who You Selling For” • Heart “Live at The Royal Albert Hall” Grab the CD and DVD • Hail Sagan “Hail Sagan ” • Kick Axe “Vices” back in print in a superior pressing on Rock Candy Records

Alternative Rocking  Santa wants • Bad Seed Rising “Awake In Color”

Alternative Gothic Metal Santa  wants • Madder Mortem “Red In Tooth and Claw”

Horror Metal Santa wants • Crest of Darkness “Welcome The Dead” • Theaters Des Vampires “Candyland” • The Vision Bleak “The Unknown ”
Synthpop Santa wants • The Sweetest Condition “We Defy Oblivion”
But for the most Hardcore Santa for sure leave out a Steak, a platter of seafood,  Labbat’s Blue, but everyone has been good to yourself, be good to Santa and leave him a Attacker “Sins of The World” 

If your a last minute Santa, and want the best of the best. Attacker, Darkness, Nervosa, and Abnormality.