ABATTOIR • Vicious Attack

ACCEPT • Restless and Wild

ACID • Acid


ACID • Live in Belgium

AGENT STEEL • Skeptics Apocalypse

AGENT STEEL • Mad Locust Rising

ANACRUSIS • Screams and Whispers


 ANTHRAX • Fistful of Metal • Megaforce Records • MRI 069

ANTHRAX • Armed And Dangerous • Megforce Records • MRS 05

ANTRHAX • Spreading The Disease

ANVIL • Metal on Metal

ANVIL • Forged in Fire

ANVIL • Live in Concert

ANVIL CHORUS • Thought Crimes

ANVIL CHORUS  • The Killing Sun

ARTILLERY  • Fear of Tomorrow

ARTILLERY  • Terror Squad

ATHEIST  •  Piece of Time

ATHEIST  • Unquestionable Presence

ATTACKER  • Battle At Helms Deep

ATTACKER  • The Second Coming

ATTACKER  • Standing The Test of Time

ATTACKER  • Giants of Canaan

ATTACKER  • Sins of the World

BATHORY  • Bathory

BATHORY  • The Return…

BITCH  • Damnation Alley

BITCH  • Be My Slave


BLIND ILLUSION  • The Sane Asylum

BLOODLUST  • Guilty As Sin

BLESSED DEATH  • KILL OR BE KILLED • Megaforce Records • MRI 1369



CAGE  • Astrology

CANDLEMASS  • Nightfall

CANDLEMASS  • Ancient Dreams

CANDLEMASS  • Tales of Creation

CATHERDRAL  • Supernatural Birth Machine

CELTIC FROST  • Morbid Tales

CELTIC FROST  • Emperor’s Return

CELTIC FROST  • To Mega Therion

COVEN  • Witchcraft Reaps Souls and Destroys Minds

COVEN  • Jinx

COVEN13  • Worship New Gods

COVEN13 • Destiny of the Gods

CIRITH UNGOL  • Frost and Fire

CIRITH UNGOL  • King of the Dead


CULPPRIT  • Guilty As Charged

CYNIC  • Focus

DARK ANGEL  • We Have Arrived

DARK ANGEL  • Darkness Descends

DARK ANGEL  • Leave Scars

DEAF DEALER  • Keeper of The Flame

DEF DEALER  • Journey Into Fear

DARKNESS  • The Gasoline Solution

DEATH  • Scream Bloody Gore

DEATH  • Leprosy

DEATH  • Spirtual Healing

DEATH  • Human

DEATH  • Individual Thought Patterns

DEATH  • Symbolic


DEATH STRIKE • Fuckin’ Death

DEEP SWITCH • Nine Inches of God

DESTRUCTION • Infernal Overkill

DESTUCTOR  • Maximum Destruction

DREAM DEATH • Journey Into Fear

DOCTOR BUTCHER • Doctor Butcher

EXCITER •  Heavy Metal Maniac

EXCITER • Violence & Force • Megaforce Records

EXCITER • Exciter • Double Play  Classic • Heavy Metal Maniac • Violence & Force • 1989 CD —Caroline/Megaforce Records

EXHORDER • Slaughter In the Vatican

EXODUS •  A Lesson in Violence • October 30th, 1984 Advance Cassette

EXODUS •Bonded By Blood

EXODUS • Pleasure of the Flesh

EXODUS • A Lesson In Violence (Live @ Studio 54 + March 1986 Paul Baloff Demos)

EXODUS • Another Lesson In Violence LIVE

EXODUS • Bonded By Baloff (A.L.I.V Remastered + Bonus Tracks)

EXUMER • Possessed By Fire

EXUMER • Rising By The Sea

FATES WARNING • Night On Brocken

FORBIDDEN • Forbidden Evil

FORBIDDEN • Twisted Into Form

The GATHERING • Mandylion

The GATHERING • Nightime Birds

GRAVE DIGGER • Heavy Metal Breakdown • Megaforce Records

• MRI 869

GRAVE DIGGER • Witch Hunter • Megaforce Records • MRI 1169

GRIFFIN • Flight of The Griffin

HAWAII • One Nation Underground

HALLOWEEN • Don’t Metal With Evil • October 30th, 1984 Advance Cassette Original Artwork

HALLOWEEN • Don’t Metal With Evil

HALLOWEEN • No One Gets Out!

HALLOWEEN • No One Gets Out! • Molten Metal Records Version features the “Vicious” Demo

HELL • “Hell” 1982 CD Demos Come on 2011 CD album

H-BOMB • Coup de metal

H-BOMB • Attaque

HEATHEN • Breaking The Silence

HEATHEN • Victims of Deception

HEATHEN • Recovered

HIRAX  • Raging Violence

HIRAX  • Not Dead Yet (Raging Violence) on CD

HOLOCAUST  • The Nightcomers

IMAGIKA • Imagika

IMAGIKA  • Worship

IMAGIKA  • And So It Burns

Imagika  •  Devil on Both Sides


INSTANITY  • Death After Death

IRON MAIDEN  • Iron Maiden

IRON MAIDEN  • Killers

IRON MAIDEN  • The Number of the Beast

JAGUAR  • Power Games

JAG PANZER  • Ample Destruction

JUDAS PREIST  • Killing Machine

JUDAS PRIEST  • Hell Bent for Leather

JUDAS PRIEST  • Unleashed In the East

JUDAS PRIEST  • British Steel

JUDAS PRIEST  • Painkiller

KING DIAMOND  • Fatal Portrait



KREATOR  • Endless Pain

KREATOR  • Pleasure To Kill

LIEGE LORD  • Master Control



MALEDICTION • Esclave du vice

MANOWAR • Battle Hymns

MANOWAR • Into Glory Ride  • Megaforce Records

MANOWAR • Hail To England

MASSACRE  • From Beyond

MASSACRE  • Back From Beyond

MASTER  • Master

MASTER  • 1985 Unreleased Album

MEDIEVAL  • Medieval…aka 1983 Medieval Cassette Album

MEDIEVAL  • All Knobs to the Right

MEDIEVAL  • Reign of Terror

MEDIEVAL  • Medieval Kills

MEGADETH  • Rust In Peace

The MENTORS • You Axed For It



MERCYFUL FATE  • Don’t Break The Oath

MERCYFUL FATE  • Curse of The Pharaohs

MERCYFUL FATE Live From The Depths of Hell

MERCYFUL FATE  • The Beginning

MERCYFUL FATE  • Return of the Vampire

MERCYFUL FATE  • In The Shadows

METAL CHURCH  • Metal Church  • Ground Zero Records with Bonus Track “Big Guns”

METAL CHURCH  • Metal Church 1986 • CD on Elektra Records (C)1984 (P) 1986

METALLICA  • No Life ’til Leather

METALLICA  • No Life ’til Leather w/16 Minute Ron McGovney interview

METALLICA • Night of the Rivetheads — No Life ’til Leather w/Power Metal Demo — speed up

METALLICA  • Live Metal Up Your Ass

METALLICA  • Kill em ‘ All • Megaforce Records • MRI 069

METALLICA  • Ride The Lightning • Megaforce Records

• MRI 769

METALLICA • Whiplash • Megaforce Records • MRS 04

METALLICA  • Creeping Death/Jump In the Fire Cd

METALLICA  • Master of Puppets

MORBID ANGEL  • Abominations of Desolation

MORBID ANGEL  • Altars of Madness

MORBID ANGEL  • Blessed are the Sick

MORBID ANGEL  • Covenant

MORBID ANGEL  • Domination

MORBID ANGEL  • Entangled In Chaos

Motörhead • Ace of Spades

Motörhead • N Sleep ’til Hammersmith

Motörhead • Iron Fist

Motörhead • Another Perfect Day

Motörhead • No Remorse

Motörhead • Orgamsatron

NASTY SAVAGE • Nasty Savage

NASTY SAVGE • Indulgence

NERVOSA • 2012

NERVOSA • Time of Death

NERVOSA • Victim of Yourself


NIGHTMARE • Astral Deliverance

OBITUARY • Slowly We Rot

OBITUARY • Cause of Death

OBLIVION • From This Day Forward

OBLIVION • From This Day Forward

OVERKILL • Feel The Fire • Megaforce Records • MRI 1469

OZ • Fire in The Brain

OZ • III Warning

OZZYOSBOURNE• Blizzard of Ozz

OZZY OSBOURNE • Diary of a Madman


PAGAN ALTAR • 1982 Demo Cassette

PAGAN ALTAR • Pagan Altar Volume 1

PAGAN ALTAR • Judgment of the Dead

PILE DRIVER • Metal Inquisition

PENTAGRAM • Pentagram

PENTAGRAM • Day of Reckoning

PENTAGRAM • Relentless • Pentagram retitled

PENTAGRAM • Day of Reckoning/Relentless • Double CD

PENTAGRAM • Be Forewarned

POSSESSED • Seven Churches

RAVEN • All for One • Megaforce Records • MRI 269

RAVEN • Live at the Inferno • Megaforce Records • MRI 969

RAZOR • Executioners’ Song

RAZOR • Evil Invaders

REPULSION • Slaughter of the Innocent

REPULSION • Horrified

RIOT • Fire Down Under

RIOT • Thundersteel

RIOT • Privilege of Power

The RODS • Wild Dogs

RUSH • A Far Well To Kings

RUSH • Permanent Waves

RUSH • Exit…Stage Left

RUSH • Signal

RUSH • Grace Under Pressure

RUSH • Power Windows

RUSH • Hold Your Fire

RUSH • A Show of Hands

RUSH • Chronicles

RUSH • Presto

RUSH • Test For Echo

RUSH • Differnet Stages — LIVE

 SABBAT • History of a Time to Come

SATAN • Court in the Act

SATAN • Suspended Sentence

SATAN • Live in the Act

SATAN • Life Sentence

SATAN • Trial By Fire –Live In North America

SATAN • Atom by Atom


SCORPIONS • Taken By Force

SACRIFICE • Torment In Fire

SACRIFICE • Forward to Termination

SACRIFICE • Soliders of Misfortune

SACRIFICE • Apocalypse Inside

SEPULTURA • Beneath The Remains

SKULLVIEW • Kings of the Universe

SINDROME • Sindrome 2 demos on 1 CD

SINDROME  • Resurrection….

SLAUGHTER • Strappado


SLAUTER XSTROYES  • Free the Beast

SLAYER  • Show No Mercy

SLAYER • Haunting The Chapel

SLAYER • Hell Awaits

SLAYER • Live Undead

SLAYER  • Reign in Blood

SODOM • In The Sign of Evil

SODOM • Obsessed By Cruelty

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH •  Speask English of Die • Megaforce Records

SUCIDIAL TENDENCIES • Suicidal Tendencies

SYRIS • Unseen Forces

TANK • Filth Hounds of Hades

TANK • Power of the Hunter

TANK • This Means  War

TERRORIZER • World Downfall


TROUBLE • Live 1983

TROUBLE • Trouble • Later retitled Psalms 9

TROUBLE • The Skull

TROUBLE • Run To The Light



TWISTED SISTER • Under the Blade

UFO • The Wild, The Willing, The Innocent


VENOM • Welcome to Hell

VENOM • Black Metal

VENOM • At War With Satan

VIO-LENCE • Eternal Nightmare

VOI VOD • War and Pain

VOI VOD  • Rrröööaaarrr

WARGASM • Why Play Around?

WARFARE • Pure Filth

WARFARE • Metal Anarchy

WARFARE • Mayhem Fucking Mayhem

WARLOCK • Triumph and Agony

WARLORD • Deliever  Us

WARLORD • And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun

WARLORD • Thy Kindgom Come • 1st EP and LP on CD

WARHEAD • Speedway

WARHEAD • The Day After

WATCHTOWER • Energetic Disassembly

WATCHTOWER • Control and Resistance

WITCHCROSS • Fit for Fight

WITCHCROSS • Axe to Grind



WICHKILLER • Day of the Saxons

ZOSER MEZ • Vizier of Wasteland











cassette Album – demo
cassette (band released)


Available now on CD in our online store combined with “All Knobs To The Right” demo.

Although there were many practice tapes and live performance’s recorded by the band in the early 80’s, the first published work was the 12 song Medieval Cassette Album recorded in January and February of 1983.

Originally the recorded tracks were to number 13, but as fate would have it, the song “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff,” a blazing fast power metal tune written early on in the bands career, was inadvertently mastered on to a used piece of tape by the studio engineer, leaving only the last 30 seconds of the song intact, and unusable.

As was mentioned in the first press release by Kick*Ass Monthly….A Journalistic Poser Holocaust in July of 1983, Elwood was unable to make the recording sessions for the cassette album.  Timmy dubbed the bass on after initial live rhythm tracks of guitar and drums were recorded.  Long time friends and live performance supporting band The Brain Boys bassist Dave Dietrich provided his axe for Timmy to use during the
recording sessions.  After initial rhythm tracks were recorded, a rhythm/lead guitar track was cut, and then vocals followed before final mixing began.

Understanding how people write music together can be very complex.  With the case of early Medieval, certain formulas can be detected regarding who developed the initial song structure or lyrical content.  But the completed song must always be considered collaboration; even as one individual may have initiated the concept, it was partnership and coalition in whole that finished each song.  This led the band to give credit only to the initial lyrical contributions, as the music was by all means flowing through each member.

(Side one)
“Dreamer” – lyrics & vocals by Willjious Amsbuist
“Life After Death” – lyrics & vocals by Timmy Amsbuist
“Warriors” – lyrics by Terror Amsbuist, vocals by Timmy Amsbuist
“Clean Record (Don’t Got No)” – lyrics and vocals by Timmy Amsbuist
“Plague” – lyrics & vocals by Timmy Amsbuist, background vocals by Willjious Amsbuist
“I Don’t Like You” – lyrics & vocals by Timmy Amsbuist, background vocals by Willjious Amsbuist

(Side two)
“How I Feel” – lyrics & vocals by Willjious Amsbuist
“Hype” – lyrics and vocals by Timmy Amsbuist
“Lords Of Darkness” – lyrics by Terror Amsbuist, vocals by Timmy Amsbuist, background vocals by Willjious Amsbuist
“Kill Me Now” – lyrics & vocals by Willjious Amsbuist, background vocals (screams really) by Timmy Amsbuist
“Rules Of Fools” – lyrics by Terror Amsbuist, vocals by Timmy Amsbuist
“Medieval” – lyrics by Boyd “Spike” Shannon, vocals by Timmy Amsbuist

As should be mentioned here at the beginning, the band utilized outside sources for lyrical content on occasion.  First and foremost from Terror Amsbuist, brother and live show light man.  Terror’s contributions over the years grew immensely, with his prose
always reaching new heights to match the continual evolution of the bands music, inspiring the comment from Timmy that “there is not another persons lyrics I would rather sing.”  Long time friend Boyd “Spike” Shannon wrote the lyrics for “Medieval,” after the bands name was changed from Omnibus in the early part of 1981.  “Medieval” was the first song from the band that reached vinyl, on the Metal Massacre 4 compilation album by Metal Blade Records.

The credits on the tape contained thanks to Lord Byron (who was about to become the bands new manager through his hard work, love and devotion for the music during the recording of the project), Bobby K. (the bands current manager), Steve Kurtz (the engineer at Valley Sound Studio’s), Elwood (the current bass player of the band that was unable to attend the recording sessions) and Magloo (the original bass player of the band).  Thanks were also given to Dave Dietrich for the use of his bass guitar during the recording of the project as well as additional mastering through his recording equipment after the studio sessions, and Terror Amsbuist – brother, live show light man, and one of the best lyricists of the genre.  And finally a thank you to the devoted fans who stood by during the bands efforts to bring their music to those who found it enjoyable.

Over the years, many have asked about the obscure reference after the special thanks of “gabba gabba kitty kitty.”  The first trade mark of the bands humorous side, and a touch that would be included  on every release since.  This particular phrase was a favorite of Timmy’s, from his favorite Yogi Bear episode – those lucky enough to remember, or to find the episode, enjoy!

All knobs to the right – demo
cassette (band released)


Available now on CD in our online store combined with the “Cassette Album” demo.

There has been much debate over the content of the first release of the Medieval Cassette Album, that 4 maybe 5 songs don’t fit with the rest of the music contained within the release.  As is seen in many of the reviews and interviews at the time, it is clear that the early days of the band saw the many influences from the members individual backgrounds exemplified within specific songs; creating an entire song with a very definitive lean towards a particular influence.  It is noted in many articles after the first demo tape the bands roots and influences contained overtones of metal, rock, 70’s punk, and blues; and some individual songs on the first release had significant overtones of these influences.  One may say that all of the individual songs on the first release, combined as a whole, projected the style of the band.

As is seen in the second release, All Knobs To The Right, this disconnection from song to song is not the case.  In the bands second release, these individual elements of style were somehow able to be combined within each song, defining and focusing the band’s
overall style and direction.

The All Knobs To The Right demo, also marked the beginning of a trend the band would follow throughout their career; making their recordings themselves.  Medieval’s “sound” was dubbed by Bob Muldowney of Kick*Ass Monthly as “sludge metal.”  A term to describe the “loose” style of playing; almost a live, energetic jam session, requiring a less then perfect studio quality of recording with all the bells and whistles; a true garage band!  This second release captured this “energy,” and along with the new focus of the bands material, created one of the heaviest and most sought after demo tapes ever.  Recorded “betwixt” Mothers Day and Fathers Day of 1984, the 7 track All Knobs To The Right demo was hailed as the tape to own, and orders from all over the world ensued.

The demo contained the following songs:
“Hell Is Full” – lyrics Terror Amsbuist, vocals Timmy Amsbuist
“All Knobs To The Right” – lyrics & vocals Willjious Amsbuist
“Black Assassin” – lyrics Terror Amsbuist, vocals Timmy Amsbuist
“All I Got” – lyrics & vocals Timmy Amsbuist
“Burnt Fuck” – instrumental
“Blood And Anger” – lyrics Terror Amsbuist, vocals Timmy Amsbuist
“World War IV” – lyrics Willjious Amsbuist, vocals Timmy Amsbuist

Credits on the tape included production credits to the band, Lord Byron, and Terror Amsbuist, with engineering credits to Lord Byron.  Additional thanks were given to Terror for lyrical contributions.  As can be noted above, Terror had increased his lyrical contributions dramatically.  Terror was also thanked for his continued work as the light man for the band.  At this point it should be
noted that the metal bands that Medieval performed with at the time in west Michigan were not prone to even having a light show, and Terror over time developed an extensive light show complimenting the bands performances with his style and technique as much as with his lyrical contributions.  There are also thanks given to Terror for “the pipe.”  Although the band has been quick to admit that they were not immune to a wide range of vices, this reference is actually for the sound of a lighting rig pipe or beam that was dropped just before the beginning of “Black Assassin,” which can be heard on the demo.

Special thanks were given to new comer to the road crew and long time friend and supporter, Stokes, as well as Boyd “Spike” Shannon.  Dave Dietrich was again mentioned, for his additional mastering help and continued support.  And then two individuals were given special thank you mention for their untiring support and help in establishing the band to the multitudes, Bob Muldowney from Kick*Ass Monthly…A Poser Journalistic Poser Holocaust  magazine, and Bob Chasseur from Sledge Hammer Press magazine.  Both of whom, after the first demo tape was released, took favor with the band with reviews, interviews, and persistent emphasis to the recording community that Medieval
was destined for great things.

Two additional “thank you” mentions were given to RWB, the beer of choice at the time for the band, and Skoal, which powered Elwood (and sometimes the rest of the band) throughout the long hours of rehearsal and recording in their “smoke free” environment.

And last but not least, the satirical reference the band continues to hold dear; “this Jim is the bim’s clem.”  Coined most likely by Lord Byron, this truly was the project that projected Medieval into the vast metal underground as a force to be reckoned with.

A Medieval Christmas card – a Day In The Wreck Room (fan Bonus)
cassette (band released)


During the early winter months of 1986, after the band had purchased some new recording equipment to help define their sound a bit more, a fan devotion tape was recorded as a special mailing for Christmas of that year.  This select group of fans had written to the band many times requesting additional information, more music, etc., and had also displayed a personal and tireless promotional campaign to boost the band whenever possible through their interaction with the metal underground.

The tape was titled Medieval – A Day In The Wreck Room and was recorded “live” in the bands practice space, with no overdubs and no edits.  Between each song can be heard the humor and the camaraderie of the members, and during each song can be heard the power of the trio as a no-holds-barred unit of metal mayhem.

The b-side of the tape contained a recorded interview conducted for an independent metal magazine, recorded on August 10, 1985, while the band was enjoying the company of a well stocked refrigerator.  Needless to say, the answers to their questions were most likely not what the magazine was expecting!

The track list for the tape is:
“Face Of Death”
“All Knobs To The Right”
“All I Got/Loser”
“Rules Of Fools”
“Death Is Beauty”
“World War IV”
“Reign Of Terror”
“Hell Is Full”
“Blood And Anger”
“Peter Gunn Theme”

New songs that were recorded for the first time for the fans to enjoy were, “Face Of Death,” “Death Is Beauty,” and “Reign Of Terror,” all of which were recorded again for the New Renaissance Records recordings. Another first was the use of a cover song (in fact, two cover songs), the first the band had ever recorded.  A cover version of the Vardis song “Loser” which had long been a staple at “live” shows, and was always coupled with the Medieval original “All I Got.”  This “live” medley version was performed at an outrageous tempo on this tape, as each of the band members tried to out-due each other with speed.  The second cover tune recorded by Medieval was the “Peter Gunn Theme” which was a long time favorite of the band The Brainboys.  The members of The Brainboys were long standing friends and an occasional opening act for Medieval.  The version of “Peter Gunn” is an arrangement taken from The Brainboys – Live At Club Sanitor recordings, and this particular arrangement made its way to the second Medieval album Medieval Kills! for New Renaissance Records beginning side two.

For the 30 or so fans who received this recording, it was truly a Christmas surprise, as Medieval did not divulge that any new recordings were in the making.  As news carried from tape trader to tape trader, the reaction from tape collectors requesting a copy was intense.  But this tape was never sold or recorded for anyone but those first handful of supporting fans, helping preserve their status and importance to Medieval for their tireless work in the bands behalf over the early years.

Reign of Terror EP
vinyl and cassette (New Renaissance Records)


Through the promotional efforts of Lord Byron, Medieval soon found some of their songs on a few compilation albums.  The Speed Metal Hell series from New Renaissance Records (the song “WWIV”), the Metal Massacre series from Metal Blade (the song “Medieval”), as well as other European compilations, helped Medieval gain additional world wide coverage and helped to finally grab the attention of the underground record labels of the time.

The end of 1984 found the band recording new songs and perusing three different record label contracts.  As most underground bands at the time will attest, signing a contract with most labels in the early 80’s resulted in the loss of all rights to their music, promotion and image.  As these were the most important elements Medieval wished to retain, the contract offered from New Renaissance Records was chosen over the others; allowing Medieval the freedom of putting a product out that reflected their true essence, not a product that was contrived and controlled by a record company.

The 5 song Medieval EP was put together using tracks recorded during late 1984 and early 1985.  “Lords of Darkness”, from the first demo, was rerecorded for the project as well as a new version of the song “Hell is Full” from the 2nd demo appropriately named “Hell is Full (Cruncher)”, as the tempo of this speed metal tune was slowed down to create a whole new pounding effect for the song.
Three new songs were also recorded for the project; “Death is Beauty”, “Face of Death”, and “Reign of Terror”.  The latter was considered by the band to be the tune that most accurately represented where they were headed with their new music, so it was given additional emphasis by including the lyrics (which were written by Terror Amsbuist) on the back of the EP jacket.

The front cover artwork was provided by Willjious using his original chalk drawing of the “Medieval Warrior.”  An interesting note was
the red used for the bands name on the front cover was to be blood red, but the original test pressings were made with much more of a magenta red, creating the bands 1st collectable pressing!  NRR also ran copies of the EP in a clear vinyl version, creating more
demand as a collectible item.

As this was the bands first major release, the “Thank You” section on the back of the album became much longer than on their demo’s.  Special thanks were given to Terror Amsbuist for lyrics and lights, Timmy Amsbuist for the use of the studio in his home, Willjious Amsbuist for the cover artwork, Lord Byron for management, and Stokes for road crew activities, including moving Elwood’s bass rig, which included an 18 inch speaker housed in a cabinet as large as a refrigerator, and lovingly referred to as “Mort” the Mortician.

The thank you list continued with Spike for road crew duties, Bob Muldowney of Kick Ass Monthly Magazine, Ann and Pat at New
Renaissance Records, Johnny Blood for road crew duties, David Dietrich for additional mastering, Bob Chasseur at Sledgehammer Press Magazine, and a list of zealous fans that helped build medieval’s reputation by pushing promotional activities and supporting the band in locations that would never have been able to be met by the band.  These people included Scott Melvin, Mike Saljanin, Lars Feldmann, Ffej Metalhead, John Voila, Carlos Wilkins, Monte Conner, Don Kaye, and Tony Gettig.  The local record store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Boogie Records was also thanked for supporting the bands efforts in numerous ways including promoting demo sales and live appearances.  Mombo and Weezer, Timmy’s parents, were thanked for their support throughout the years, as well as Mom Amsbury, Willjious’ mother for her support.

A thank you was given to Brian Slagel for his support on the Metal Massacre compilation, and then a much appreciated thanks to all the fans that supported the band throughout the years.  And finally a thanks that read:  Extra special thanks to Lemmy of Motorhead for his unknowing inspiration throughout his long career.

The Track Order Ran:
(Side One)
“Death is Beauty”
“Lords of Darkness”
“Face of Death”

(Side Two)
“Hell is Full (Cruncher)”
“Reign of Terror”

The 5 song EP enjoyed favorable reviews and strong demand, and provided the band with much excitement as they began their recording of the full length album project entitled Medieval Kills!

Medieval KIlls! LP
Vinyl and cassette (New Renaissance)


With the completion of the Medieval EP, the band soon turned their attention to the recording of the full length
album in the later part of 1986 and early 1987.  This happened to be a very chaotic time for the band as personal decisions about school, work, marriage, and relocations pulled the members in various directions, making recording sessions increasingly difficult to schedule.  As Timmy began moving from house to house, the studio equipment went with him, requiring basic rhythm tracks to be recorded on location and overdubs and final mixing in another.During the onset it was determined that a mix of old and new material should be covered on the full length album, since many of the older songs should have the ability to fall into the hands of new fans that were unable to obtain the old demos.  And the band also felt that some of the new songs recorded for the EP should be rerecorded for the full length album.  Although the distribution of the EP was strong and easily obtainable by most fans, the band felt better versions of these tunes could be made.Two new songs, “7th Seal”, and “Epitaph” were written during the sessions, while a cover tune of “The Peter Gunn Theme” was slated to be included as well.  The version of Peter Gunn recorded for the album was an arrangement of the Henry Mancini classic by the band The Brainboys, who opened up for Medieval at numerous shows.  The track “Somnambulism”, which started the album off in fashion, was a recording experiment that Lord Byron and Willjious had come up with a year or two earlier, and often used as the introduction of the band at live shows.New Renaissance Records asked for one additional track from the band, so the cassette version of the recordings would have one additional track than the album version.  The song “Plague”, from the first demo tape was chosen, and is found only on the
cassette version of the release.

The track listing is as follows:
(Side One)
“Rules of Fools”
“All Knobs to the Right”
“Life After Death”
“Seventh Seal”
“Plague” (on the cassette version only)
“Reign of Terror”

(Side Two)
“Peter Gunn Theme”
“Hell is Full (Thrasher)”
“Blood and Anger”
“Black Assassin”
“Death is Beauty”

Thanks were given to Stokes and Spike for road crew support, Ann at New Renaissance, Chuck Sterner for the album cover art work and pictures, Deb Gendron for the back cover art work, brothers Mike, Steve, Scott and Paul, Johnny Blood for road crew support, radio media support by Scott Melvin, Mike Pryson, and Mike Dinvald and the metal show Metal Forte’.  Thanks were also given to Pat Gibson, a cousin of Timmy’s, who had at an early age instilled in Timmy the need to play with “reckless abandon.”  Thanks were also given to fans that had supported the project, Steve Parker, Mike Scott, David Dietrich, Scott Sweet, and Wes Garman.  Sweet Lou at Important Records was thanked for help in getting the project completed.  Glen Danzig, who had become inspirational to Terror in his lyrical progressions, was thanked, as well as Ingmar Bergman, for his stirring movie “The Seventh Seal” which the band used for inspiration for their new song of the same name.  Boogie Records was again thanked for their support in promotional activities.  The Brain Boys and Jose Cuervo “Gold” were also thanked, mostly due to influences in music and vices, and finally a thank you to the fans, which had always supported the band.

Before going to print, New Renaissance Records had received record breaking preliminary orders for the Medieval full length album, and the excitement in both the record company and the bands’ camp seemed almost too good to be true.  As history will attest, it was too good to be true, as what happened next provided the fans, the label, and the band with empty dreams.

New Renaissance Records was distributed by Important Records when Medieval’s full length album was released, and the entire stock of the albums including some preliminary orders were warehoused upon pressing for distribution at Important Records.  Unfortunately Important Records went out of business, and legal disputes kept product from many bands of the time locked in the warehouse for over two years.  Only a few thousand copies of the full length album made it to the fans, and the momentum of the previous year’s efforts came to a screeching halt, providing the beginning of the end for this chapter of Medieval’s history …chapter two promises to be even more exciting!

live ’04
cd (band released) – available in our online store


Recording of a special invite-only reunion.  Features Timmy and Willjious in their normal roles and Travis Bjork of Suburban Funeral filling in on bass for Elwood (who was in attendance). Here’s the track listing:

“Rules of Fools”
“All Knobs to the Right”
“Blood and Anger”
“Reign of Terror”
“Smokin’ Valves”
“Medieval” – featuring Spike, who wrote the lyrics to “Medieval”, on vocals
” Black Assassin”

The demo recordings
cd (band released) – available in our online store


Contains the “Cassette Album” demo and the “All Knobs To The Right” demo (see above for full run-down on both) available for the first time on CD.  This CD also contains a bonus track of “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.”  It’s the only known remaining part of the recording and was previously unreleased.  The master tape containing the song was accidentally recorded over during mix-down and this is what remains of the song.

Medieval KIlls! & Medieval EP
CD (New Renaissance)


After a short break of almost 20 years, founding members, Willjious and Timmy Amsbuist have continued where they left off, providing thunderous music for a new generation. Welcome to the new renaissance of Medieval!  In August of 2008, New Renaissance Records released the Medieval Kills! LP/Medieval EP on CD for the first time ever.  The CD contains all five tracks from the original EP, nineteen tracks from Medieval
(plus “Plague” which was only previously released on the cassette version of the album), and three new songs.  The CD was a limited edition of only 1,000.  Here is the entire track list in order:”Death is Beauty”
“Lords of Darkness”
“Face of Death”
“Hell is Full (Cruncher)”
“Reign of Terror”
“Somnambulism”/”Rules of Fools”
“All Knobs to the Right”
“Life After Death”
“Seventh Seal”
“Reign of Terror”
“Plague” (previously only available on cassette)
“Peter Gunn Theme”
“Hell is Full (Thrasher)”
“Blood and Anger”
“World War IV”
“Black Assassin”
“Death is Beauty”
“Old School” (New track)
“Liar’s Heart” (New track)
“Silver Back” (New track)

one morbid
vinyl (buried by time & dust, distributed by nwn!)


Vinyl DLP released in 2014 containing the twelve track “Cassette Album” demo, the seven track “All Knobs To The Right” demo, and the ultra rare twelve track “A Day In The Wreckroom” demo which was only sent out to the closest friends of the band (see above).

This set includes 31 total tracks, a 12 page booklet including a new interview the band, lyrics, pictures, and flyers.

Available in black and red vinyl DLP