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new stuff in stock:

“The Ten Commandments” CD

“Hallucinating Anxiety” CD


“The Ultra Violence” CD


“Mayhemic Destruction” CD


“Face of Despair” CD


“Time To Destroy” CD
pure Thrash Metal, 80’s style, from Sweden! Import 2016 release from Germany

“Banging On the Pentagram” CD
fast thrash metal assault from this killer band from South America! Import from Germany

“Earth Inferno” CD
2nd full-length album from this killer Death/Thrash band from Argentina! Import from Germany

“O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres” CD
back in stock! 2nd album from this crushing doom/death metal band!

“Enraptured By Horror” CD
debut full-length album of pure oldschool Death Metal featuring members from Gutwrench, Offal, and Soulskinner! Import from Mexico

other recent new stuff:

“Primordial Dominion” CD
2nd album from 2008 from these insane and bizarre Death/Grinders from Colorado! Import release with slipcover

“Supreme Commanders of Darkness” CD
legendary oldschool Death Metal cult from Chile! Their latest album from 2015! Import release

“Soul Demise” CD
brutal death metal from Italy in the vein of old Morbid Angel, Nile, Vader, etc. Import release

“Syzygial Miscreancy” CD
official re-issue of this early 90’s Death Metal classic from Florida recorded at Morrisound Studios! Import digipak release

“Unholy Alliance” CD
obscure Thrash Metal band from Canada that appeared on the legendary “Raging Death” LP from 1987! This features the “Unholy Alliance” demo from 1986 as well as live and rehearsal material. Import from Italy and comes with a cool booklet with liner notes

“Future Decay” CD
2nd album of total speed/thrash/punk-metal from Italy! Featuring members from Saturnine and Barbarian

“Abysmal Hymns of Disgust” CD
debut album from this killer Death/Grind band from Germany featuring members from Nocturnal! Features cover artwork from Putrid! Import from Poland

“Surgical Disembowelment” CD
digipak re-issue of this 90’s Death/Grind/Gore classic! Import from Poland

“Carcava” CD
2nd full length album from this extreme Grindcore band from Spain! Import release from Poland

“Sacrilege of Humanity” CD
2nd full length album from this extreme Death Metal band from Poland! Import release

“Overkill Commando” CD
debut album of intense Death/Grind insanity from Poland! Import release

“Black Clouds Determinate” CD
killer re-issue of this oldschool 90’s grindcore classic! Import from Poland

“Commence To Mince” CD
the latest album from 2016 from these gods of grindcore! Import from Poland

“Hear Me, O’ Death” CD
back in stock! the 3rd album from this oldschool Doom/Death featuring members from Father Befouled and Decrepitaph!

“Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” CD
back in stock! oldschool Doom/Death featuring members from Father Befouled and Decrepitaph!

“Into a Pyramid of Doom” CD
ultra crushing Death/Doom from Germany! debut full length album! Import from Italy

“Figli del Crepuscola ” CD
originally from Italy and now from Sweden, Hands of Orlac play killer Horror Doom Metal in the classic ways! Import release from Italy. This is the band’s second album

“Cauldron Messiah” CD
debut album from this horror Doom Metal band from Germany! Import release from Italy

“Reveal Nothing – The Singles Collection” CD
great collection of older EP material from this great Italian horror Doom Metal band! Import release

“Strange Rites of Evil” CD
Newest album from this amazing horror doom metal band from Italy! Import release

“Culinary Ritual” TAPE
14 songs of insane crust/punk/black metal featuring members from Lincoln Love Log and Twist Ending! Pro printed cassette tapes

“s/t” CD
their debut full-length album back in print with tons of bonus rehearsal tracks! Features 26 songs total! Pure gore/death/sickness from Brazil! Import

“Nomina Anatomica” CD
latest gore/grind/death attack from this oldschool band from Brazil! Import release and comes in digipak

“Illnoise 2-Piece BBQ” CD
back in stock! This crazy noise/gore/punk/metal album will never die! Features art from Stevo/Impetigo! Import from Brazil

“Sodomize the Goat” CD
cult 1988 demo from this infamous death/doom/black metal band! Official release

“Invocation For Gods… From the Real Abomination” CD
debut full-length Mexican Death Metal debut! features members from Necroccultus! A must for fans of dark occult death metal! Import release

“Pieces” CD
collection CD of rare tracks from the legendary Master!
Track 1 Recorded at Seagrape Studios Chicago – 1984
Track 2 Recorded at Soto Sound Chicago – 1991
Track 3 Recorded at Seagrape Studios Chicago – 1984
Track 4 Recorded at Seagrape Studios Chicago – 1984
Track 5 Recorded at Seagrape Studios Chicago – 1984
Track 6 Recorded at Seagrape Studios Chicago – 1984
Track 7 Recorded at Solid Sound Studios – 1990
Track 8 Recorded at Hoffman Estates – 1990
Track 9 Recorded at Solid Sound Studios – 1990
Track 10 Recorded at Seagrape Studios – 1984
Track 11 Recorded Live at Bullwinkles in Thibedeaux, LA – 1997
Track 12 Recorded somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona – 1992
Track 13 Recorded at Festival Studios in Kenner, LA – 1998
Track 14 Recorded at Sopa Studios in Czech Rep. – 2000
Track 15 Recorded at Soto Sound Chicago – 1991
Track 16 Recorded Live at Network Aaist Belgium – 12-2-1990
Track 17 Recorded at Double Noise Studios Tilburg Holland – 1999
Track 18 Recorded at Double Noise Studios Tilburg Holland – 1999
Track 19 Recorded at Solid Sound Studios Hoffman Estates – 1999

“In Death’s Certitude” MCD
debut release from this killer Mexican Death Metal band, featuring guest members from Anatomia, Surgikill, Sepulcral, and more! Import release

“Dead Infested Decay” MCD
Uriel from Gutwrench with his daughter on vocals! the first ever father and daughter death metal band? Features both of their killer demos! heavy oldschool Mexican death metal! Import release

“Angels Burned” CD
debut full-length album from this killer oldschool Death Metal band from Mexico! features more great art from Mark Riddick! Import release! *please note, the cover is actually all in black and white, no color on it

“Life And Death” CD
cult Mexican Death Metal demo from 1994 on CD with a special bonus track! Import release

“La Caverna de Fuego” CD
brand new 2nd album from 2016 from this crushing horror Death Metal band from Spain! This album is simple a masterpiece and just as good, if not BETTER than their debut album! An absolute must for fans of pure Death Metal that is dark, heavy, and MEMORABLE! Get this now! Import from Spain

“Echoes of Death” CD
skull crushing oldschool metal of death from Chile! a must for fans of the old days and ancient ways! Import from Spain

“Tentacles of Horror” CD
3rd full-length album of pure oldschool Death Metal featuring members from Avulsed and Paganizer. Import from Spain

“Stay Close to the Fire” CD
debut album from this ultra heavy black/doom/death metal band from Spain! Features members from Insulters and Morbid Flesh! Import from Spain

“Gutted by Horrors” CD
great debut album from this obscure, rotting and decayed oldschool Death Metal band from Chile! a must for fans of Incantation, early Death, Nihilist, etc. Import from Spain

“Resurrection of the Dead” CD
early 90’s Mexican death metal! collectin of their old ancient demos! Import from Mexico

“Crypts of Ancient Wisdom” CD
2014 album from this oldschool Death Metal band from Greece invoking the old sounds from hell! Import from Spain

“Orgia Nocturna” CD
Cauldron Burial conjure up 10 tracks of pure Blackened Necro Metal on their debut album, “Orgia Nocturna”, a mix of late 80’s and early ’90s death fucking evil metal drawing influence from the deadly sounds that chilled your broken spine from the past such as Possessed, Bathory, Morbid(Swe), Sadistic Intent, early-Dissection, (old)Morbid Angel, (old)Death, and other rotting sounds of the dead. Themes of necrophilia, satanic black magic rites, and blood-curdling horror run rampant in an effortless devotion to all that is blasphemous and decayed! Import release from Mexico! Features Vanessa Nocera (Wooden Stake, Scaremaker, etc.) and Wayne (Ghoulgotha, Decrepitaph, etc.).

“…To Spread the Flame of Ancients” CD
brand new album from 2015 from these legendary masters of Finnish Death Metal from the old days! A killer new album featuring great cover art from Chris Moyen! Import

“Stoic Death” CD
brand new 4th album from 2015 from this crushing Finnish Death Metal band! Import from Spain

“Forsaken Lands” CD
2nd full-length album of oldschool Swedish Death Metal! Import from Spain

“Manifestation Of Inner Darkness” CD
killer oldschool Death Metal from Australia featuring a member from Nocturnal Graves!

“Deathplagued” CD
oldschool Death/Thrash metal from Mexico in the style of old Kreator, Death, old Sepultura, etc. Import from Mexico

“Embalmed Soul” CD
oldschool Death Metal from Sweden! full length album from 2015. Import from Mexico. comes in digipak

“Ripped From the Tomb” CD
oldschool Death Metal from Germany originally recorded in 2003! Official release from Mexico

“Sanguinary Revelations” CD
Spearheaded by the legendary Stevo from Impetigo, SURGIKILL has arrived! The debut album from SURGIKILL  is 10 songs and 35 minutes of pure “BLOOD & GUTS DEATH METAL” in the vein of IMPETIGO, AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, TERRORIZER, etc. As a special bonus, SURGIKILL has recorded the song “PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES”, which was the FINAL song that IMPETIGO ever worked on back in the early 90’s but never recorded because they broke up in 1993. Stevo wrote the lyrics in 1991 and he finally got to use them for SURGIKILL, and now after 2 decades you can finally hear this legendary HORROR DEATH METAL song! Import album from Germany

“s/t” CD
Out now on Razorback Records! The debut album on CD from STEEL BEARING HAND is a massive onslaught of utterly crushing old-school Death Metal with an obsessive sword and sorcery theme! Feel their blade of death slice you in two as heavy as fuck riffs pummel whatever is left of your brains and skull! This is true Death Metal from Texas from a band that knows the right influences! Imagine a mix of Bolt Thrower, Incantation, and Celtic Frost and that is only the beginning of what this band has to offer. An absolute must!

“Cadaverous Presence” CD
2nd full-length album fro 2008 from Chicago’s most loyal and deadly horror Death Metal band! This is out of print and hard to find! Get it now if you want it! Features killer art from Putrid!

“Evoking Darkness” CD
killer 2nd full-length album from this crushing oldschool Death Metal band from Mexico in the style of Incantation, Sinister, Bolt Thrower, etc. Import release from Thailand

“Echoes From the Past” CD
Out NOW on Razorback Records! DETERIOROT are one of the legendary cult early 90’s Death Metal bands from the East Coast and here is a collection CD that includes their amazing 4-song demo from 1992, the “Manifested Apparitions of Unholy Spirits” 7″ EP from 1993, and also includes bonus tracks such as 2 live songs from the “Dawn of the Dead” local TV show performance from 1993, as well as other live tracks and more bonus tracks! This is a MUST for fans of this amazing band and for collectors of early 90’s Death Metal from the glory days of the American underground scene! 15 songs total of pure fucking DEATH METAL heaviness and utter decay! Includes booklet with rare old photos and some words from Paul Zavaleta (vocals/guitar) himself!

“Horrorfiend” CD
Out now on Razorback Records! The long awaited 3rd full-length album from Brazil’s best Death Metal band today! 9 brand new songs of pure horror worshipping splatter gore death FUCKING metal that invokes the spirit of “Severed Survival” and “Horror of the Zombies” while embarking on their own journey into cleverly played horror metal anthems with style and utter HEAVINESS at the same time! This album shows OFFAL at the top of their game, and ready to invade the minds and ears of more people than ever before! A true horror/gore Death Metal masterpiece! Features killer cover art from the legendary Mark Riddick!

“It’s Midnight… The Witching Hour” CD
Out NOW from Razorback Records! The brand NEW full-length from Kentucky’s raging horror punk metal masters, HOOKERS! The new album is a blistering onslaught of some of the BEST new horror metal around today, like a mix of Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” with The Misfits “Earth AD”! This album is NON-stop brilliance from start to finish! A must for fans of catchy, horror-inspired music that makes you rage like a lunatic! Cover art by wicked horror artist, Josh McAlear!

“And Death Shall Set You Free” CD
Out NOW on Razorback Records! Their fifth and most foul album to date, CARDIAC ARREST brings you “And Death Shall Set You Free”!  Formed deep in the black infamy-choked bowels of Chicago in the late ‘90s, CARDIAC ARREST has been a known associate of Razorback’s for years and, while the two camps had bonded over their shared obsessions with all things horror and metal, they never worked together – until now!  Releasing their four previous albums elsewhere, the fearsome foursome of Midwest metal maniacs continue their legacy of death metal brutality with “And Death Shall Set You Free” and the 10 cruel scythe cuts of horror-weltered cacoffiny offered therein, with such aural atrocities as “There Is No Escape,” “Bridge Burner,” and “Rise! Part Man, Part Beast.”  While the new album is their catchiest yet, it is still as unforgivingly heavy as a sledgehammer to the skull. You have been warned! As those abominable gore-adorers who are CARDIAC ARREST always
  proclaim … ROT FOREVER!

Issue #2
ISSUE 2 NOW AVAILABLE from Razorback Publishing!
First of all, we would like to thank and show our appreciation to those who have supported us and helped spread the word of Evilspeak. We feel that we owe a mission statement on behalf of issue 2 and explain not only what is entailed in the pages, but to remind you that just like issue 1, absolutely NO paid ads are featured in this magazine. We stick by our motto of 0% filler, 100% KILLER! We have worked our asses off to create a TRULY independent horror magazine that is all about celebrating the love of the genre and nothing more! We also want to share with you that we went even more pro with this issue and upped the game in quality. This issue is a 108 page professionally offset printed magazine with even more color this time on the front and inside covers (front and back).
Issue 2 is a true labor of love that was 6 months in the making, and is chock full of so many great features that we don’t know how to pick the best of the best, so we’re going to have a beefy list for you, so here we go: Lady Frankenstein, Night of the Werewolf, The Beast Within, a 20-page medical report styled write-up on Facial Deconstruction Surgery in movies, Skywald Comics, Disciple of Death, Video Vixen: A Mom and Pop Video Store Retrospect, Jean Rollin’s Fascination as well as an article on starlet Brigitte Lahaie, Six Degrees of Dr. AC (Connecting these movies in one meaty feature: Death Line aka Raw Meat, Dead & Buried, Frankenhooker, Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, Nightmares, Blood Beach), Blood Ceremony aka the Female Butcher, Twins of Evil, Buio Omega and a review of GOBLIN’s soundtrack, Rockrypt Vol. 2: Hard Rock Zombies & Killer Party, Slash N’ Burn – Horror in Sword and Sorcery: Conquest & The Sword and the Sorcerer, Joe D’Amato Tribute hailing
his movies including Death Smiled At Murder and Absurd, Dawn of the Mummy, Blood on Satan’s Claw, Devil’s Wedding Night, Vampyres, Alucarda, AND MORE!
This issue also includes the debut of underground gore artist Matt Putrid’s very own column for Evilspeak, GRAVE EXHUMATIONS! A four page hand written/drawn feature that is full of sleazy, splatter insanity! Putrid dives into the horrific world of two underrated 80’s horror gems: The Kiss and Mausoleum!
Artists who contributed original art for this issue are Don England (who did our cover once again, but this time it’s a WRAP AROUND!), Putrid, Reuben Splatterbeast, Shagrat, and more! Justin Stubbs once again provided an amazing job on our layout.

“Atrocious” CD
Now available!
HAEMOPHAGUS “Atrocious” CD OUT NOW from Razorback Recordings! The 2nd full-length album from Italy’s best ultra splatter-DEATH/GRIND HORROR GORE METAL band! This 13 song monstrosity features some of the catchiest riffs and song writing, deranged ravenous vocals, a battery assault of drumming, and a great mixture of all true metal styles. “Atrocious” is THE Death/Grind album that gorehounds have been STARVING for! HAEMOPHAGUS has been around for almost 10 years now, having released a ton of EP’s and playing tons of shows all over Europe. A new personal standard has been set by the band on this new album. Try to imagine a mix of Repulsion, Terrorizer, early-Carcass, along with early-Slayer, Voivod, and Deceased! There is truly no band around today that sounds like HAEMOPHAGUS! This ghastly-grotesque masterpiece is now ready for ordering from Razorback, the label that has been bringing you high quality horror-metal for 15 years now!

“The Almighty Hordes of the Undead” CD
Now available!
LURKING EVIL “The Almighty Hordes of the Undead” CD OUT NOW from Razorback Recordings! Unearthed from their deathly crypt, LURKING EVIL from Spain rises up with their brand of catchy, demonic Thrash Metal with a blackened punk vibe taking influences from the blood-thirsty Hammer horror films of the 70’s as well as ultra-violent and atmospheric Spanish Horror. Combine that with an 80’s Kreator, Bathory and early-Celtic Frost influence and you get instantly absorbed into the Horror-Mood! “The Almighty Hordes of the Undead” is a 13 song horror-metal shredder that will have you banging your head until you are DEAD….AND BURIED!
This morbid-metal masterpiece is now ready for ordering from Razorback, the label that has been bringing you high quality horror-metal for 15 years now!

Issue #1
From Razorback Publications comes the debut issue of Evilspeak Magazine featuring the best in underground horror journalism!
80 terror-loaded pages with NO ads inside – all KILLER, NO filler!
Pro-printed, full sized zine with glossy cover.
Issue #1 features:
Gore Shriek comics retrospect (9 pages!)
Horror Rises from the Tomb
Chas Balun tribute
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
Ulli Lommel interview with retrospects on “The Boogeyman” and “The Devonsville Terror”
Donald Farmer’s Drive-In Fever
Tourist Trap
Brides of Blood
Mad Doctor of Blood Island
Beast of Blood
RocKrypt Heavy Metal Horror w/Rocktober Blood & Hack-o-Lantern
Nightmare Maidens: Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss interview
Humanoids From the Deep
Without Warning
The Demon Lover aka The Devil Master
Cannibal Girls
  much, MUCH more!!!
Also featuring killer artwork from Don England, Matt Putrid, Splatterbeast, Slasher Dave, and more!

“Horror of the Zombies” CD
The 1992 classic is back, and better than ever! BACK in print! The 2nd album from the wizards of gore is truly an underground horror/death metal masterpiece! Razorback Recordings is proud to bring you the ultimate re-issue with re-mastered sound, 2 bonus live tracks, 16 page full color booklet with even more insane and detailed liner notes from legendary vocalist Stevo, descriptions of each song, tons of photos, art, and cover art drawn by Stevo that was originally only seen on a rare t-shirt from the early 90’s, as well as the ORIGINAL cover art that you can flip over if you wish. This re-issue is an essential must own release for long time fans of this incredible band and also for those just hearing about them for the first time!

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