(Sacramento, California)

Nocturnal Resurrection



November 13, 2015   — MAUSOLEUM Version

December 13th, 2015 — US Version I got 2 CD’s of this version

@ The April 6th, 2017 — Anvil—Night Demon–Graveshadow concert

I also got 2 GraveshadontShirts





Mausoleum Records

Mechelse Steeweg 35


B 1800 Vilvorde


+ 32 52 57 38 57


left to right

Roman Anderson * Drums —– Heather Michele * Vocals  — Valerie Hudak * Keyboards — Matt Mitchell * Guitars  —Ben Armstrong * Bass —– William Lloyd Walker * Guitars




In The Road of Desire

Lycan Lust

Winter Comes to Call




Blood and Fire




At the heart of this publication we love BONE CRUNCHING MOLTEN METAL RIFFS, Beauty and the Beast vocals, and WORLD-CLASS Keyboard players ….Below is a CD review from the top-notch Sonic Cathedral webZine…!!!!

found here

“It’s not all that often we get serious symphonic metal in good ol’ murika. But, we certainly get a version of it here. Graveshadow is from California but there is some European influence, and that seems to have a lot to do with the sound. This is music I expect to hear from Western Europe, anywhere on the continent. But, probably not California. There’s an interesting history to the band, not a long one, we begin in 2012 when rhythm guitarist William Walker teamed up with vocalist Heather M. Smith, lead guitarist Matt Mitchell, keyboardist Valerie Hudak, drummer Roman Anderson, and bassist Ben Armstrong. The sound is heavily influenced by those keys, but there’s more than enough guitar to raise the dead, which, I guess, is the intent of the release. At least based on the album cover and the title. Mixing and mastering for this initial full release was done by Emil “Nightmare” Nodtveidt from the Swedish industrial metal band Deathstars (Nuclear Blast Records). So, you get a nice mix of things, with a heavy influence from Northern Europe. I asked the band about the European involvement, keyboardist Hudak responded: “While the band is fully American, we’ve been very lucky to have some incredibly talented European artists work with us. Nightmare (Emil Nodtveidt) of Deathstars did the mixing and mastering of our album, which was just a fantastic experience. We’ve also had the pleasure of having Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear do guest vocals for ‘Blink’. He really added some epic heaviness to the song.

Smith is a fairly competent vocalist, you don’t find a lot of ‘murikans who can go from a clean vocal to a pretty good growling death metal sound as fast as she can. She’s not up to the level of Catherine Sinegina from Mizantropia in Ukraine but then who is? And the Ukrainians have been doing this style for a long time, ‘murika has been doing Jay-Z and the Bieber. So, you have to be grateful that we are now hearing material that can at least compete with the best from Europe, and Graveshadow is doing a pretty good job of meeting that requirement. There are, in fact, tracks on this release that pretty much compare with the best from Europe, not all of them, but we’re getting closer.

Lyrically we get a mixed bag. This genre tends towards the Gothic and, with a title like this one, you expect a pretty dark rendition of reality. Well, yes and no. There is some darkness to be sure, but it tends to be aimed at personal relations. Some approach pure Gothic themes, Exhumed for instance. Lycan Lust takes us to dark places as does Blood and Fire. Maybe not as dark as the Eastern Europeans but then, maybe that wouldn’t sell as well in California. Anyway, I’ll talk about the best ones, they tend to be musically some of the most interesting as well, go figure. One of the problems I have with ‘murikan music is that they may listen to the music from Western Europe but they just don’t seem to spend enough time figuring out what they’re talking about in the lyrics. And they don’t seem to have a clue about anything from Eastern Europe, and generally, don’t want to. Pity, lots to learn there. Remember, this style of music began, arguably, in Poland, back when ‘murikans were doing Big Hair. Again, Hudak had some thoughts on the topic: “Our passion has always been in storytelling, whether it’s stories of our own creation or popular stories from literature and movies. ‘Blood and Fire’, for example, is about Game of Thrones; ‘Blink’ (the track featuring Ralf Scheepers) is about Doctor Who. ‘Lycan Lust’ is on the other side of the coin, our own creation; a story about a werewolf. But even songs about personal struggle can become great avenues for storytelling – ‘Namesake’ and ‘In the Roar of Desire’ are good examples of that.”

Musically, these are some pretty good folks and they’ve done some pretty good writing. And there has to be a tip of the hat to the fact that they let the keyboard player rip it up on most tracks. The guitars are more than adequate as are the drums although they seem, at least to me, to be there to support the keys. And, you’ll get no complaints from me with that arrangement. ‘Bout time someone in this country tried that approach. Keyboardist Valerie Hudak seems to favor multiple keyboards in her approach to the art and the boys seem comfortable letting her take what she needs on many tracks. And, she does it with flair. I suspect she could work comfortably with pretty much any European Gothic machine of my acquaintance with little effort. She talked about her involvement, “There is a strong presence of Nightwish-inspired keyboards, which I think contributes. Nightmare’s input really helped us define the atmosphere of Graveshadow. The ethereal mood really lends itself well to storytelling, and I think helps contribute to a symphonic sound. ‘Winter Has Come to Call’ is a great example of that, which was perhaps already our most traditionally symphonic song. But we’ve also utilized the ‘beauty and the beast’ style vocals that are so popular in symphonic metal. Here in Graveshadow, however, there’s a bit of a twist: instead of a male growl and a female sorprano, Heather Michele does both herself. She’s really quite incredible.” And that involvement has had a wide influence on the total product, as Hudak points out, “We all really like the epic sound that a traditionally European feel brings, but bringing that to our own music was somewhat of an accidental experiment. The original idea for the band changed a lot when I joined, mainly because my influences are almost entirely from European symphonic metal, and that’s the style I was writing my keyboard lines in. As a group, we all really like European metal, and we found that blending our American backgrounds with our admiration for Europe became something totally new, something that hadn’t been done before. And not just within our own area, but the genre of symphonic metal itself.”

This release is scheduled for about the time I’m writing this but there’s a little pre release stuff available. Some really strong video for instance, ‘course, this is California and they do tend to have that capability available, even in Sacramento. So, linking out is no problem, give their vids a look, the band is pretty visual. And I suspect that is a major intent. Unless you’re a 13 year old ‘murikan female who thinks nothing matches the sex appeal of One Direction.

Namesake kicks off the mayhem and we get pretty much what the band is about here. Lots of solid guitar work to augment the keys and Ms. Smith shows us she knows how to turn a phrase in multiple vocal styles. The story seems to focus on a historical theme, kings and kingdoms and how power translates. OK, I guess, but probably not as dark as what I would expect from Northern Europe. But the music, no problem, this one makes use of excellent musicians and presents a palatable interpretation of the sound we want to hear.

Lycan Lust is another solid sounding track, some excellent production here. This one is a rocker with some interesting musical twists. The theme is a bit vampiric, a bit Gothic in nature, but, the music drives the track. Solid sounding video too. Especially the part where Smith screams:

Run, Run Love Run / Run, Run!

And he cried out in pain / As I held my love again
While the animal came alive / Under darkness of night
With the full moon in the sky / The beast awoke and took his life
I’m tearing and ripping / As my heart’s rejoicing / Tasting you once again
Try to run, but you’re done / For the demon has won / You’ll never leave me again

Blink is an interesting track. We get some great keys here and Smith does some interesting lyrical work, with an interesting partner. As mentioned previously, Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear contributes on vocals and gives the track, which is based on Doctor Who, a different feel. Lyrically we get some interesting ideas over those pounding keys:

Cold as stone and unforgiving / Hung’ring for your soul
There’s no salvation / Now / Those you love are sure to weep for
Who you were / One touch and then youre / History

So don’t blink, don’t even blink, blink and you’re / Dead. They are fast, faster than
You, you can believe. Don’t turn your / Back, don’t look away and don’t blink!

Blood and Fire concludes the release with a solid presentation. We begin with a soulful guitar augmented by the keys. Dark, enchanting, and taking us to a solid metal sound. The keys begin to take over at some point and take us to the vocals. Smith does a good job with this one, it’s got a dark theme and she works it well. The girl is at her best with the extreme vocal and she uses it well here over some fine background vocal work. This one is the most European in nature and, probably the best track on the release; shocking, just shocking. Our friend Nodtveidt kicked ass with this one. And, the lyrical theme does nothing to detract from the musical excellence:

Born amidst salt and smoke / so young and unaware
But To the sky / The Dragon will arise

Let’s ride / For Blood and Fire / For I am Stormborn

Little not to like about this release, and, one would hope, they’ll move forward with an already solid sound. Maybe even give Hudak a third keyboard. That might prove a challenge”


What we @ KICK*ASS*METAL has to say about this album. If you thought I would be impossible to find a album to fit in heavy rotation between Cradle of Filth “Damnation and a Day” and Dimmu Borgir “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia”. Well let me tell you straight away, I own 3 CDs of the Graveshadow “Nocturnal Resurrection” ….and it belongs in the pages of KICK*ASS*METAL pages without a f@cking doubt…….besides being a top-notch recording artist….LIVE THE BAND plays 110% KICK*ASS*METAL…..For the KICK ASS METAL readers, I our top 100 albums list are as follows there is a IMMORTALS OF METAL list which bands CAN NEVER BE taken off of, but bands can be added…..I have to readerships here the readers who just want only GOTHIC metal and the readers who want only 1980s Thrash and 1990’s Death Metal, so no matter what readership demographic your are in the gothic metal/or extreme metal, this album must be added to your SERIOUS METALLIC COLLECTION @ all-cost….!!!!



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….GOTHIC adjective noting or pertaining to a music style characterized by a gloomy unsettling setting, grotesque, mysterious, or violent events, and an ominous atmosphere of degeneration and decay….

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The Gathering •  Mandylion

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The Gathering  • In Motion DVD

Graveshadow • Nocturnal Resurrection

Graveworm • Engraved In Black

Hazel Und Gretyl •…all releases…




Ides of Gemini  • Old World New Wave


 Jack•Off •Jill    • Clear Hearts Grey Flowers




Kreator (GERMANY)  • Endorama


….yes this Kreator released one of the GREATEST GOTHIC METAL ALBUMS OF ALL….


Lacrimas Profundere  • Memorandum

Lacrimas Profundere  • Burning : A Wish

Lacroisma •  Inferno



Love Like Blood * Exposure

Love Like Blood * SnakeKiller

Lucifer • Lucifer I


Lucyfire * This  Dollar Saved My Life At Whitehorse

Lutherion * Kosmogensis


Marilyn Manson  • Anti-Christ Superstar

Mercyful Fate Melissa

Mercyful Fate Don’t Break The Oath

Macbeth * Vanitas

Moonspell Irreligious


Nefilim  • Zoon

NFD  • No Lost Love

NFD  • Dead Pool Rising

NFD  • Deeper Vision

Notre Dame • Coming Soon to a Théatre Near You!!!

Notre Dame • Vol 1 Le Théâtre du Vampire

Notre Dame  • Nightmare Before Christmas

Notre Dame  • Demi Monde Bizarros

One-Eyed Doll  • Witches



Paradise Lost   • Gothic

Paradise Lost   • Draconian Times

Riti Occulti  • Riti Occulti

Riti Occulti •  Secta

Riti Occulti • Elenor Rigby




Riti Occulti • Tetragrammaton

Savn  • Savn



Secret Discovery * Philarmonic Diseases

Secret Discovery * Slave

Scream Silence * To Die For

Scream Silence * The 2nd

The Sweetest Condition   • Edge of the World

The Sweetest Condition   • We Defy Oblivion


Theatre of Tragedy * Theatre of Tragedy

Theatre of Tragedy * Velvet Darkness They Fear




Theatre of Tragedy * Aégis


Theatre of Tragedy * Storm

Theatre of Tragedy * Forever is The World


Theatre of Tragedy •  Last Curtain Call DVD

Theatres Des Vampires of Night Breed of Macabria

Theatres Des Vampires • Candyland

Tiamat * Wildhoney

Tiamat * A Deeper Kind of Slumber

Tiamat * Prey

Tiamat * Judas Christ

Tiamat * Skeleton Skeletron

Tristania * Widow’s Weeds

Tristania * Beyond The Veil

Tristania * World of Glass

Tristania * Ashes

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First and Last and Always”, to name a specific metal genre as gothic, which makes the oh-so renowned and overabused gothic metal term, this specific metal genre MUST have references and influences from the gothic rock/dark wave scene from the 80s. Apparently, without any second thought and a shadow of doubt, many bands from this so-called commercial and big scene are not gothic metal because they have not a single reference from the gothic rock/dark wave scene of the 80s. It really is something funny for metalheads that know nothing about this scene to speak about gothic music. But what is even more funny is the fact that part of the metal scene dislikes goths and when you ask them “which people do you refer to as goths?” you get the answer “those people, man, that paint their eyes black and listen to Marilyn Manson endlessly”, even from this you can get that a big part of the metal scene really has nothing to do in knowledge and experience about the gothic subculture, its bands and its audience. And thus this over-confusion passes in the gothic metal scene.

You see, the gothic subculcture has all these chicks dressed in black, with the cute faces, the beautiful make up and stuff, yes, I know, they are beautiful, I adore them as well, but, sadly, when a female-fronted metal band starts sounding a bit more symphonic/atmospheric or even a bit melancholic and has a female singer, preferably cute that stands as the front of the band and wears all these beautiful scarlet or velvet or black dresses with flowers and stuff, people start referring to this band as gothic metal, for no reason apparently. A female singer that has a more obscure and “poetic” dress-code won’t make a band a gothic one, apparently, it’s the music that matters, not the supposed dress-code. And so we come to bands like Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Epica, After Forever and so on, well, these bands have nothing to do, more or less each one of them (or used to have a slight reference but they have nothing to do anymore), with the gothic metal genre, the only common thing they have as bands is that they are female-fronted, does this make them gothic metal? No, for fuck’s sake no! Ok, they have their own atmosphere each one of them, they have some strong female vocalists, some good tunes, others more others less, but that’s all people; no gothic elements, no gothic metal.

If you want some bands with female vocalists that actually play gothic metal then you should definitely check Tristania of the first era (who can deny that “Widow’s Weeds” has gothic rock elements? I’ll give the answer, no-one can because these elements are present in the guitar work; and let’s not forget the gothic rock guest male vocals on “Angellore” ), Theatre Of Tragedy of the first three releases, yes, they are gothic metal, and not because Liv Kristine used to wear black dresses and have that absolute female gothic look, just check the music, apparently gothic metal, then come Trail Of Tears, their first releases are also strong and gothic metal, really good work and it seems to me at times that the gothic metal scene including female vocals blossomed in Norway, judging from the bands I mentioned above. And of course I shouldn’t skip to mention Sirenia, the band Morten Veland formed after he left Tristania, another wonderful gothic metal act, with intense gothic rock elements, even the hat in the vein of The Sisters Of Mercy/The Fields Of The Nephilim is present, hehe (if you don’t believe me ask Mr. Veland and check Elusive’s debut album, “Destination Zero”, to see which are his influences; for the history, Elusive are a rising gothic rock act from Norway and Veland played the guitars on this album) and of course I shouldn’t skip to mention Beseech, they have female vocals as well in their compositions, but they are a 50%-50% female-male fronted band now, with balanced male and female vocals. Just check their first two releases, pure romantic gothic/doom metal with The Fields Of The Nephilim references being too intense, both in guitar parts filled with gothic rock riffing and vocal lines in which the first singer of the band sounds like a reincarnation of Carl McCoy. And of course I shouldn’t skip to mention As Divine Grace from Finland, they used to be a romantic doom/death metal act but with years they became more gothic metal oriented, with female vocals, a really strong band that sadly disbanded.

You know, a band to be called gothic metal must have references from the gothic rock/dark wave scene as I said above, which means, Christian Death (with Rozz Williams on the vocals of course, hehehe! Or Valor of “Atrocities”, it was an awesome album, i have to admit it! And why not “Sex & Drugs & Jesus Christ”, their last really strong album with Valor!), The Mission, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Fields Of The Nephilim, Bauhaus, early The Cult, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Clan Of Xymox, Virgin Prunes, early Dead Can Dance etc must be present, with each band sticking to its own references. And what the history has shown to me is that whenever gothic rock acts started turning heavier and more metal-oriented they made far better work from gothic metal acts, because gothic rockers really know what to do, they have the feeling in their blood, it’s flowing, they know how to express it correctly and make it sound heavier if they want to enter a heavier sound stage. And of course I will mention some gothic rock/metal acts and first and above all one of the best gothic acts of the 90s that most of you don’t know, DREADFUL SHADOWS, listen to them to feel the decadence, the sorrow, the pain, the gothic aesthetic, the gothic feeling from a band that released four great albums and with every album it tended to sound steps further, reaching “The Cycle” where more modern references made their appearance. After Dreadful Shadows sadly disbanded Sven Friedrich and Norman Selbig of Dreadful Shadows formed Zeraphine, another wonderful gothic rock/metal act with a more modern approach of course. Another fabulous gothic rock/metal act have to be Scream Silence, at times tending to sound like Dreadful Shadows, but they tended to perfect their own sound, their first two album are the most metallic ones and the other three are heavy still, but more gothic rock definitely; at times they tend to have a doomy feeling as well. Secret Discovery is a good band as well, moving in pure gothic rock in their early years and from a moment and on they started sounding a lot more metallic. Also, Love Like blood is a gothic rock band ,one of the best if you ask me, they have released some really strong opuses during the first half of the 90s, in the second half of the 90s from a moment and on they started sounding heavy and “Snakekiller” is a good gothic metal/rock album. Take Garden of Delight now, one of the best gothic rock acts of the 90s, they released in 7 years 7 albums with 7 songs each one of them, they disbanded afterwards, after the first circle had ended. They came back in the 00s, stronger, heavier, more powerful, but above all gothic rock. After 4 albums they formed Lutherion and they definitely are gothic metal/rock now, sounding really heavy, gothic rock-oriented and with an electro touch as well! Most and above all I shouldn’t forget to mention the metal approach of Carl McCoy, first with The Nefilim in the second half of the 90s and recently with the dynamic come back of the Fields Of The Nephilim. “Zoon” of the Nefilim was a brilliant piece of thrash/death metal blended with strong doses of gothic rock in the renowned McCoy n’ Fields vein and “Mourning Sun” of The Fields Of The Nephilim is an album of pure gothic rock/metal, a really strong release to show to the gothic metal scene who can rule the scene in no time. And let’s mention NFD, a The Nefilim oriented project, heavy enough and always gothic rock and another project from members of The Nefilim, Saints Of Eden, gothic rock with heavy doses of metal and electronic/industrial elements, sounding really heavy and definitely really strong!

Now concerning some gothic metal acts I should mention Evereve of their first era with Tom Schedotschenko, heart-rending, twisted, mourning gothic metal from the pits of Hell, utterly desolate and melancholic, with the ideal references! After the suicide of the singer a new singer came on board and they released an easier album, gothic metal still, afterwards they started moving in more electronic soundscapes. Darkseed as well, they definitely had gothic-oriented references in albums like “Diving Into Darkness” and “Give Me Light” etc, a good band definitely. Paradise Lost OF COURSE and no matter how much doomsters hit their asses on the wall and point out that “Gothic” is doom/death metal I will always be there to be a pain in the ass and their closed mind to point out that it is one of the first pure gothic metal releases, not because of the name, “Gothic”, but because of the music. Listen carefully, the gothic rock references on the guitars are too obvious, where Sisters Of Mercy stepped Paradise Lost found water. The orchestrations have a Celtic Frost sense from the “Into The Pandemonium” era and a dark wave aesthetic as well along with the fragile female vocals that seem to have come out of the 80s dark wave scene. Sure, it has a doom sense, but think about it more. Paradise Lost continued as a gothic metal act after “Shades Of God” (which was doom metal at all costs) releasing many fabulous albums like “Draconian times”, “Icon”, “One Second”, “Paradise Lost” etc, one of the best acts of the gothic metal scene. I shouldn’t skip Lacrimosa, one of the most important acts of this very scene; i have heard/read that they are progressive gothic metal, this statement always sounded funny to me from people that really have absolutely nothing to do with the scene. Tilo Wolf is a pure genius, from the gothic-death rock/dark wave oriented first releases of Lacrimosa to the historic moment when Anne Nurmi entered the band and Lacrimosa started becoming metal, gothic metal of course! Because the references remained, the doses of classical music became too obvious and one of the characteristic parts of the sound of the band. Generally they kept the Lacrimosa feeling alive, they just became one of the most quality, recognisable and best acts of the scene. Lacrimas Profundere, from a romantic doom/death metal act they started slowly and steadily incorporating in their sound gothic references reaching nowadays where they are a goth n’ roll act, slightly metal, more of a rock band, gothic rock with a poser attitude. And since I mentioned the poser attitude of Lacrimas Profundere I shouldn’t skip at all to mention The 69 Eyes, a non-metal band, they are goth n’ roll as well, at some times offering more more romantic gothic rock like on “Paris Kills”, at others more hard rock/gothic rock having several references from the 80s/early 90s. Where the Sisters Of Mercy left “Vision Thing” and The Cult left their releases Jyrki, Jussi and their companions stole them and found out many useful things for the now-sound of The 69 Eyes and Jyrki where Ian Astbury and the singer of LA Guns stood proud stole a bit of their pride to form his stage presence. So no, The 69 Eyes are not metal, poser gothic rock or goth n’ roll yes, definitely. A! Beyond Dawn’s “Pity Love” shouldn’t be missing from here as well, an album having the decadence of doom, references from the doom metal scene and of course intense The Sisters Of Mercy passages, both in structure and guitar parts, but always tending to present them through their very own and unique avant-garde prism. I shouldn’t forget to mention, just for the history, that Beyond Dawn during that period were supporting the Sisters Of Mercy at some of their shows, not a coincidence, is it? I shouldn’t skip Tiamat, they had a good course changing their sound from album to album, progressing positively, and as you all noticed they had their gothic rock-driven moments as well. Their latest release to date “Prey” was a metallic gothic rock worship with Edlund’s haunting vocals entrancing the atmosphere, “Skeleton Skeletron” had also a gothic rock air, quite modern in sound, good enough but nothing awesome and “A Deeper Kind Of Slumber” which was a mixture of psychedelic rock with gothic rock and stuff, good work! And some of you that may know, Johan Edlund has a gothic rock oriented band, Lucyfire, good stuff. Also, The Babylon Whores, not many know them, but they are awesome, a metal-driven Christian Death worship band, they know what they are doing, really good act! Another bright example of a band that injected intense 80s gothic/dark elements have to be Portugal’s finest and most known act, Moonspell, with bands like “The Antidote”, “Sin/Pexado” (a very underrated album), “Darkness And Hope” and “Irreligious”, they have to be one of those bands that interpret gothic metal in a really good and personal manner! Also, a new band around that had quite an impressive course so far with their two releases are definitely The Vision Bleak, travelling through the corridors of nightmares, drama, horror and gothic decadence they offer a new and fresh air to the scene! Also, Yearning from Finland are doing a good job with their esoteric and beautifully adorned by sadness and esoteric emotions gothic/doom metal. Last but not least Kreator’s “Endorama” is a thousand times more gothic metal than all those so-called gothic metal bands that are being referred as gothic metal by the silly music press and the audience that knows nothing about what is gothic, doesn’t “Endorama” sound so gothic metal to you? Change scene! It’s so simple!

The problem with the gothic metal scene doesn’t end here, there are two more problems with the scene except for the female-fronted bands that are mostly being referred by both press and audience as gothic metal and of course i’m referring to part of the Visual Kei scene and the Suomi Metal scene with bands tending to sound romantic, melancholic or suicidal, moving in metal/rock soundscapes with common road on their course being the melancholy factor. Concerning the Visual Kei scene with bands like Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer and stuff, they have an intense gothic aesthetic in their appearance, but this is the most gothic part of their existence, their music apart from some keyboard-driven really dark passages has nothing to do with the gothic rock/dark wave scene and the Bauhaus references in those bands that i have read somewhere is definitely non-existent and i know Bauhaus really well to not recognise them in a band. Well, part of the Visual Kei that is being referred as gothic metal could be the Japanese option of gothic metal, somethng different, something “foreign” to the European scene/audience, so I won’t be absolute in this case. I have to admit, anytime with the hand on my heart, that those Visual Kei bands are more gothic than all the other female-fronted or Suomi “we’re supposed to be gothic” metal bands will ever be, both in reality and dreams. And let’s move to the Suomi metal scene, believe me, I used to be a huge fan of this very specifc scene supporting bands like HIM, Entwine, For My Pain, Poisonblack, Charon, Sentenced, Lullacry, To Die For etc, I still support Entwine, HIM and To Die For because all those three are bands that have a lot to offer in my opinion, but really, where did you people find all these gothic elements in their compositions? You can always inform me because I’m craving to know more about gothic music and I would love to find out where all these elements hide and I can’t find them. I had read somewhere that Sentenced were gothic metal and on their latest releases they became gothic rock, HA HA! I mean, how funny is that? Only a metalhead that knows nothing about the gothic scene would ever say that, and a metalhead was indeed the person who said that. Ignorance is bad, definitely bad, and in this case ignorance has caused a lot of harm, something that disgusts me seeing it going on more and more day by day.

Well, I got bored writing and I think you’ll get bored reading too, so I will stop for now, but I will have to warn all of you i-know-it-all metalheads (to avoid misunderstandings, I’m not referring to every single metalhead, but to a specific part of it) that will give my article a shot, “if the truth hurts, prepare for pain”. Kisses!

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