Adrenaline Rush

(Stockholm, Sweden)

Soul Survivor

April 21st, 2017

Frontiers Records SRL ITALY

100 out of 100 blood dripping skulls




Tåve Wanning – lead vocals
Sam Soderlindh – lead guitar, vocals
Alexander Hagman – guitar, vocals
Joel Fox – bass, vocals
Marcus Johansson – drums

Love Like Poison
Breaking The Chains
Soul Survivor
Stand My Ground
My Life
Break The Silence
Shock Me
Wild Side
Don’t Wake Me Up

As a specialized press for Norwegian Gothic/ Dark/ Horror/ Avant Garde Metal, we cover those artist ,with total conviction, and our expertise.  I could write only about those bands……but my readers have always wanted the best of the best in melodic hard rock and the best of the best in heavy metal. And this album had to be in the KICK*ASS*METAL pages @ all cost

We covered the self titled debut album here @ KICK*ASS*METAL. Adrenaline Rush, are the real deal in the melodic rock genre, and there music is fun to listen to, Adrenaline Rush are always very high on my want list….since every song is a classic, well written and well executed…!!!

My biggest fear of 2017 was that I would not be able to get this album right away….but I got it on April 22nd, 2017 International Record Store Day….!!!!! And is a MORE THAN ESSENTIAL PURCHASE.

Fans of Halestrom, Edge of Paradise, Devil Skin, Resistance featuring Lisa Stephens,


Hail Sagan, Gabby Rae…take notice and all the bands that we have a affinity for @ KICK ASS METAL it is obvious we read as insane metallic fanatic

Snakepit Heavy Metal Magazine FRANCE

So add this to your collection ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrenaline Rush “Soul Survivor” is a high light of 2017…..and will get HEAVY ROTATION at the KICK ASS METAL OFFICES….this albums is KICK ASS, and FUCKING ESSENTIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aerosmith “Greatest Hits” Ocotober 1980

Adrenaline Rush “Adrenaline Rush”

Adrenaline Rush “Soul Survivor” 

Alice Cooper “Trash”

Black ‘n Blue “Black ‘n Blue”

Bon Jovi “Bon Jovi”

Cinderella “Night Songs”

Def Leppard “Pyromania”

Diemonds “The Bad Pack”

Diemonds “Never Wanna Die”

Dokken “Breaking The Chains”

Dokken “Tooth And Nail”

Enuff ‘Z Nuff

Edge of Paradise “Mask”

Edge of Paradise “Perfect Shade of Black”

Edge of Paradise “Immortal Waltz”

Edge of Paradise “Alive”

Europe “The Final Countdown”

Faster Pussycat “Faster Pussycat”

Great White “Great White”

Halloween “Don’t Metal With Evil”

Hanoi Rocks “Self Destruction Blues”

Hanoi Rocks “Two Steps From The Move”

Halestorm “Halestorm”

Halestorm “The Strange Case of….”

Halestom “Into The Wild Life”

Icon “Icon”

Kiss “Lick It Up”

Kick Axe “Vices”

Led Zepplin “RemasterS Box CD” 2 CD from Austrila.

Lita Ford “Out for Blood”

Lita Ford “Dancin’ on the Edge”

Lita Ford “Lita Ford”

Megadeth “Countdown For Destruction”

Metallica “Metallica”

…these two Megadeth and Meallica ar part of my hard rock/heavy metal binges….

Mötley Crüe  “Too Fast For Love”

November 10, 1981 (Leathür) and on August 20, 1982 (Elektra)

Mötley Crüe ” Shout At the Devil”

Nitro “O.F.R”

Ozzy Osbourne “Blizzard Of Ozz”

Ozzy Osbourne “Diary of A Madman”

Ozzy Osbourne “Bark At The Moon”

Ozzy Osbourne”The Ultimate Sin”

Pantera “Power Metal”

Poison “Looked What The Cat Dragged In”

Posion “Open and Say Ahh”

Ratt “Ratt”

Ratt “Out of The Cellar”

The Runaways “Runaways”

Resistance “Resistance”

Queensrÿche “Rage for Order”

Queensrÿche “Operation Mindcrime”

….seen these on top 100 hair metal/glam metal list….

Quiet Riot “Metal Health”

Seduce “Seduce”

Scorpions “Blackout”

Scorpions “Love At First Sting”

Skid Row “Skid Row”

Skid Row “Slave To The Grind”

Slaughter “Stick it to Ya”

Steeler “Steeler”

Steel Panther “Balls Out”

Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry”

Van Halen “Van Halen”

Warrant “Cherry Pie”

WASP “Wasp”

White Lion “Pride”

Whitesnake “Slide It In”

Zebra “Zebra”