Number 1 Norwegian heavy metal album of all-time
Crest of Darkness * “The Ogress”

Number 2 Norwegian heavy metal album of all-time
Crest of Darkness * “Project Regeneration”

Second part of the list IS Norwegian exceptionalism in black metal. Its own genre really. NorskSvartMetall

The number 1 RANKED album from norsksvartmetall was

Emperor * In the Nightside Eclipse


Tidfall * Nucleus

Displin * Anti-Life

Salvia * Strength and Vision

Cadaver Inc.* Discipline

Tulus * Evil 1999

Gorelord * Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre

Carpathian Forest * FUCK YOU ALL !!!!

Hades ALmight * Millenium Nocturne

Tartaros * The Red Jewel

Old Man’s Child * Revelation 666


Tsjuder * Kill for Satan

Emperor * In the Nightside Eclipse

Mayhem * De Mysteriis Dom Satahanas

Darkthrone* Under a Funeral Moon

Dimmu Borgir * Enthrone Darkness Trimphant

Enslaved * Eld

Gorgoroth * Pentagram

Old Man’s CHlld * Born of the Flickering

Carpathina Forest- Through Chasm and Titan Woods


In the Woods * Heart of The Ages

Kvist * For Kunsten Maa VI Evig Vike

Ancient* Svartalvheim

Kampfar * Mellom Skogkledde Aaser

Mysticum * In the Streams of Inferno

Manes * Ein Blodraun Maane

Frostmoon * Tordenkrig

Tartaros * The Grand Pyschotic Castle

Solefald * The Linear Scaffold

Covenant * In Times Before The Light

Ildjarn * Forest Poetry
Dodheimsgarrd * Kronet Til Kong

Zyklon B * Blood Must Be Shed

Immortal * Pure Holocaust

Burzum* Burzum

Geheena * See Through The Veils of Darkness

Borknagar * Borknagar

Ulver * Bergtatt
Libonic Art * In Moon in Scoprio

Windir * Arntor

Odium * The Sad Realm of the Stars

Tsjuder * Desert Northern Hell

Taake * Doedskvard

Van Buens Ende * Written In waters

Malignant Eternal * tarnet

Grand Alchemist * Intervening Coma Celebration
Hades * Again Shall Be

Wallachia * From Behind The Light

Forgotten Woods * As the Wolves Gather

Obtained Enslavement * Witchcraft

Emancer * Utopian Illustions

Tulus * Evil 1999

Thorns * Trondertum (on this list in the even it ever gets the CD treatment)

Perish- Kark
Troll- Drep De Kristine

Khold- Krek

Svartahird * Forthcoming Storm

Fornlor* The Crystal Palace

Keep of Kalessin * Throgh Times of War

Suffering * Sowing the seeds of suffering

Aeternus * Beyond the Wandering Moon

1349 * Liberation

Mactatatus * Complex Bewitchment
Helheim * Jormundgand

Tidfall * Circular Supremacy

Demonic * Empire of Agony

Abysmal * The Pillorian Age

Thy Grief * Frozen tomb of Mankind

Isengard * Hostmorke

Isvind * Dark Waters Stir

Ulces * Cherish the Obscure

122 stab wounds * Diety of Pervesrsion

Gaahlskagg * Erotic Funeral

Enthral * Propheices of the Dying
Carpathian Ful Moon * Serendades in Blood Minor

Celebratum * Mirrored Revelation

Massemond * Skogen Kallen

Ave Sathanas * Religion of Pity

Misvita * Misanthrophic Aura

Skydom * Mjollnir

Stillhet * Gjemt I Skyggene

Faustcoven * The Halo of Burning Wings

Beastcraft * Into the Burning Pit of Hell

Det Hedenske Folk * Northland Rules Supreme

Mareit * Hymner Til Doded Og Morket

Raven (NORWAY)- FM

Ringnevod * Nattverd

Grievance * The phatom Novels

Kharon * Raised By Hellish Demons

Vulture Lord * Profane Prayer
Styggmyr * Helllish Blasphemy