All Female Tribute Live


World-Class Vocalist Samantha Hatano


World-Class Vocalist Cassie Morris

Video Review


100 out of 100 blood dripping skulls

KICK*ASS*METAL  Rating System

100 0ut of 100 Timeless Masterpiece * 95 Masterpiece * 90 Classic * 85 KILLER METAL

The Metal hero’s on this video are

Cassie Morris * World-Class Vocalist

Samantha Hatano * World-Class Vocalist

Rose Decampo * Guitar

Wena Velasco * Bass

Christina Sousa * Drums


First thing that KICK*ASS*METAL reader are going to notice about this ….video is that it features

World-Class Vocalist Cassie Morris & World-Class BassitWena Velasco of Unicorn Death FAME &

Rounding out the line up are

Samantha Hatano *Vocals who does a pretty KICK*ASS job on vocals here !!!! as well as the Bass Ass Guitars of Rose Deocampo and the Lord of thunder is provided by Christina Sousa.





This vidoe was Recorded Live @ Brick by Brick

San Diego, California


December 12th, 2014


Video by Joe Pine / JPN Productions


Audio by Frank Torres/ Iacon Sound Studios


First things first

Cassie Morris is the best dressed person in all of heavy Metal these days…!!! is that a

King Diamond zip up hoodie !!!!!!!! f!@K yea!!!


Samantha Hatano does a stellar job, on this video…very metal to the core and metal to the bone !!!

World-Class Bassist Wena Velasco is a total metal maniac on the bass, on this video, one of my favorite metal bassist of the current decade!!


On guitars is the metal axepert Rose Deocampo, excellent job on this song, KILLER GUITAR tones, and the rhythm work is jaw dropping, and the solo work just sends chills up and down my spine !!!!!!!


The Lord of Thunder..aka drumer, on this song is Christina Sousa, and of course everything is PERFECT and PERFECT METAL.


whoa … I Love this  band and I love this version.

I would love to see this band cover Pantera’s back catalog from

1988’s all time classic Pantera’s “Power Metal” to “Reinventing The Steel”.


But for sure Cassie Morris, Samantha Hatano, Rose Deocampo, Wena Velasco & Christina Sousa would have to be in the band…!!!!!!!!


World-Class Vocalist Samantha Hatano and World-Class Vocalist Samantha Hatano. What a KILLER combo on this video !!!!!!

whoa…this is one of my favorite cover version songs of all-time !!!!!!!


totally KICK*ASS


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